Senate Democrats: Kill The Retards

Ostensibly a holdover from Virginia’s long tradition of eugenics and forced abortions, did you know that the Commonwealth will pay for your abortion should your baby have… um… deformities?

State Senator Tom Garrett (R-Lynchburg) is carrying a bill that would fix this holdover.

…and true to their DNA of abortionpalooza, the Senate Democrats are outraged — just outraged! — that Garrett would even contemplate dismantling their post-eugenics miracle.  From their release:

SB 826 would end the subsidies for abortions for Medicaid-eligible women who are carrying a fetus which would be would be born with a “gross and totally incapacitating physical deformity or mental deficiency.”

Gee — wonder who that includes?  Senator Barbara “the Barbarian” Favola (D-Arlington) was just giddy with excitement…

“SB 826 will leave the poorest Virginia women without any options when their pregnancy goes terribly wrong…. These decisions are personal and intimate decisions that should be made by a woman in consultation with her family and her doctor. Poor women should not have their rights trampled on by the Commonwealth…

Wasn’t aware that our Founding Fathers froze in the snows of Valley Forge and bled in the battlements of Yorktown to provide Favola with taxpayer-funded abortions, but I digress — no one’s “rights” are being trampled (the baby in the womb perhaps being excluded from the conversation) — other than perhaps the taxpayer being forced to pay for a procedure that Democrats just seem delirious with joy to impose upon low-income women.

Now… want to be really offended?  State Senator Don McEachin (D-Richmond) has an opinion on… um… life unworthy of life.

Senator Garrett would force vulnerable women to bring a child tragically incompatible with life into the world.

Read that again.

“Tragically incompatible with life.”

Determined by whom, Senator McEachin?  You?

Eugenics has a dangerous and vile history in Virginia, creating a system where in the 1920s and 1930s the government was forcibly sterilizing human beings on a rate that caught the attention of certain Nazis back in Germany, who studied the “racial hygiene” experiments spearheaded by Margaret Sanger and the radicals at Planned Parenthood.

Seems as if eugenics is alive and well in the modern Virginia Democratic Party.

SB 826 is a good bill.  For the Senate Democrats to go all the way off on a limb and saw it off just to be intellectually consistent in their celebration of abortion-at-all-costs is a sign of policy consistency perhaps… but the human element has been ripped right out.

Rather than creating a society that simply kills those deemed “incompatible with life” — why aren’t we creating systems that value and protect innocent life?

…because I don’t know about you, but this person?

…is a saint.  Not “tragically incompatible with life” as McEachin and the Senate Democrats openly state.   That’s barbarism.

  • Ken Falkenstein

    Amen, Shaun. Well said.

  • Somebody should send these bast***s a copy of Shorty.

  • brad martin

    Shaun, I know you crafted the article’s title for shock value, and I’m sure you achieved your goal. But you have to be aware that there’s a nationwide campaign against the use of “the R word” and your very title is so distasteful that I bet many readers will turn you and I bet your future columns off. The subjects of your article, and their despicable comments, should stand alone here without your title obscuring the target of outrage.

    • Brad Martin, you are one to speak. Really?

      • brad martin

        What are you talking about, Turbo? Are you just going to pick on me everywhere you can find a post of mine?

        • You R in the wrong.. again, Brad. Great article Shaun.

  • MD Russ

    i see. Terminating a failed pregnancy is an option only for the upper middle class. Force the women living below the poverty line to bring a severely handicapped child into the world and deal with the consequences. Of course, this point of view is to be expected from extremists who would force a 12-year-old girl who was raped by her father to bring the baby to full term. Have you ever read, “A Modest Proposal?”

    • Jaoni Wood

      The purpose of pregnancy is the birth of a child. A “failed pregnancy” would be one which naturally ends without a live birth, not one that someone chooses to end based on various circumstances. When I see the little girl in the wheel chair in my son’s Sunday School class, I don’t see a “failed” person, I see a child who has brought join into the world and the lives of her parents, in her own way and despite difficult circumstances.

      • MD Russ

        How touching. And when I see a child with these birth defects, below, I don’t see a cute little girl in a wheel chair. I see a failed pregnancy.

        Warning: these images are very disturbing. But they are no worse than the aborted fetus images that the anti-abortion crowd loves to show.

        Just to be clear, I do not support abortion-on-demand as a matter of personal convenience to the mother. But I do support abortion as a safe and ethical medical procedure when the life of the mother is in danger, when the child was conceived by rape or incest, or when the child would be born with severe and crippling deformities. Abortion is legal in this country. A woman who is pregnant with a severely deformed fetus should not be required to carry it to term just because she cannot terminate the pregnancy without Medicaid coverage.

        • That’s barbaric, MD Russ. As in, the opposite of civilization.

          • MD Russ

            No, Shaun. Barbaric is allowing born babies after they have arrived with severe birth defects to die or live debilitating lives for themselves and their parents. Barbaric is forcing medical treatment rules on indigent pregnant women with a deformed fetus to birth the child. Barbaric is pretending that death and suffering is not a consequence of life in God’s scheme of things.

          • So, you believe that some people are life undeserving of life – not because of anything they have done to forfeit a right to live by intruding on the rights of others – but merely because of their condition of dependency?

            Shaun is right. It is barbaric to target a human being for destruction just because they have more needs than others. Being truly human means that those who are strong should use their strength to empower those who are weaker, with kindness and respect. State sponsored killing of dependent persons is an abdication of our collective humanity.

          • MD Russ


            Does that mean that you oppose people having a living will for painful, terminal illnesses?

            Relieving someone of pain and suffering for which there is no remedy is not barbaric. If it is, then our entire medical profession is barbaric. If you don’t know that euthanasia is practiced in this country then I can assure you it that it is. You can frame this debate by claiming that unborn children with relatively mild defects such as Downs would be terminated, but that is not what I have suggested.

          • I oppose euthanasia. I do not oppose DNRs (and I support ethical advance medical directives) chosen by terminally ill patients themselves or their families in the event of their incapacity as a decision maker. I support pain medications to ease end of life suffering, even when, in some tragic situations, the end of life is very close to the beginning.

            A consistent life affirming ethic does not require that life be prolonged indefinitely but it does require that in our desire to ease suffering we do not take innocent human life. Death is a necessary part of life. Killing is not.

  • jgt

    I am a mother of a son with Downs, I am blessed to have him in my life. He brings so much joy to everyone he is around. I appreciate your story, and I am not offended by the R word you used. I realized that it was used for grabbing one’s attention to your article. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    • Believe me JGT — not a word I wanted to use, but I knew it would grab attention and highlight the complete insensitivity towards special needs children.

      I have a cousin with Downs Syndrome. When he was born, doctors said he would never crawl, walk, talk, or have a meaningful life. So I took it upon myself as a young kid to teach him how to crawl… and I did. He’s a walking, talking, gainfully employed guy today who’s got a razor sharp wit — and just about the kindest most humanly good person I know.

      …which is why this mentality that they should all be done away with? Aborted? Angers me to my very core. I simply cannot fathom how our government should be involved or invested in a program determining that some folks simply are “tragically incompatible with life.” What a disgusting, immoral worldview.

  • By the way, that is one fine picture of a cuteascouldaeverbe! Little Boo Boo Girl Bit.

  • rosemarysheets

    what offence have these lives cause,they don’t shot guns,they don’t kill others with knifes,they don’t stell from anyone,they only give love,i have a retarded child in my will pay for a mudder to sit in prisen for life just because he tells who was helping and or where he through the person he killed ,but you want to kill a child because hes not perfect.What happen to the plege you gave to protect our people,killing them that has done no one wrong is nothing more than a crime and Mr.Mceachin you need to be tried as such,and held as a mudderer .We dont need people like you ,you and all who agrees with you need to be put out of office and thrown in jail.

  • Shaun, I always come back to your stuff just to get the comments….

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