If You Think Notre Dame/Alabama Was a Meltdown…

There’s no way this was even close to a fair fight.  Piers Morgan effortlessly allowed Alex Jones to embarrass himself in front of a very broad audience.

Watch it for yourself.  It doesn’t take long…

Libertarians and Ron Paul folks, take note: if you want your values to be taken seriously… this?

Ain’t ready for prime time.

Piers Morgan (yes, that guy) effortlessly allowed Alex Jones to simply be who he was… and Jones made the entire movement look like fools.


…this is not the stuff popular movements are made of.

UPDATE:  It goes from the offensive, to the weird, to the truly bizarre at 12:06.  Wow…

  • Shaun,

    Alex Jones is not only a 9/11 Truther, but an Oklahoma City Truther. He speaks for neither Libertarians nor Ron Paul supporters, and you know that.

    You’re better than this.

    • Sorry — it was a libertarian and a Ron Paul supporter who brought it to my attention and asked for it to be categorized this way.

      Glad to hear Alex Jones is being rejected by rational human being everywhere.

  • Louis Stadlin

    Anyone that acts like Alex Jones on nationwide TV could easily shot someone in a fit of rage. The fact that he is on 170 radio stations shows a lot about the people that listen to him. He talks about Hitler and what he did but it is he and people like him that would generate the tyrant he screams about

  • Where have I heard this before… oh yes, those crazy Tea Party people making such a bad impression for the mainstream media.

    • There is not one Tea Party person I have heard from yet who does not think Jones is off his meds.

      • Agreed entirely. We need other voices leading the way if the pro-liberty movement is to gain any traction.

  • “You’re going to ask one of those little factoids questions.” Piers did a masterful job making 2nd amendment supporters look bad after he was embarrassed by Larry Pratt.

  • As a former Ron Paul staffer, let me state that Alex Jones does not speak for my principles, nor has he ever. As Shaun points out, his seemingly insane theories only serve to weaken the rational liberty movement.

  • MD Russ

    With Second Amendment supporters out there like Alex Jones, the gun-grabbers don’t need the Brady Bunch. He makes the lunatic fringe sound reasonable.

  • The problem here is that Morgan’s understanding of the law and American culture is so weak and sophomoric that taking him down with reasoned logic would take about ten seconds, so there’s no way Morgan will let that happen. If Jones had let him get a word in edgewise and answered his questions, he could have had a much greater impact. But in the end, this is exactly what Morgan wanted. After getting schooled by Larry Pratt, he couldn’t afford to have anybody reasonable on to debate him, so he went with Alex Jones. There’s a lot of power in shaping the discussion when you book the guests. And no matter how much Morgan wants to complain, he should be thanking Jones for being the only thing keeping Morgan’s name in the news. Nobody watches that show.

    • MD Russ

      Very much agree, Brian. Piers Morgan is Larry King without the suspenders, hot wives, and A-List guests. For someone who got his start on American TV by being on “America’s Got Talent” with Sharon Osbourne, listening to him lecture us on Constitutional issues is like listening to high school drop-out Sean Penn lecture us about foreign policy. Piers Morgan is irrelevant to the debate and people like that moron Alex Jones should understand that.

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