Liberal Logic

Democrats are very, very proud of their Pro-Choice status.

Democrats also shout – to anyone who will hear – that they are tolerant of others and their beliefs.

Democrats in general tend to stretch the truth lie. A lot. Both examples above are all the proof you need.

For instance if I choose to purchase a gun Democrats want – no, they will fight – for my right to do so. Wrong.

If I decide on an air-soft BB gun or if I choose a 20 round self-loading handgun, many of them would deny me either choice. Heaven forbid I choose both with a shotgun thrown in as a bonus.

One more and I’ll rest my case.

I’m not married. I choose not to pay for abortions with my taxes. Democrats insist that I do. I choose not to have health insurance that covers birth control, prenatal care, or delivery. Democrats insist that I do.

Should your pregnant wife or girlfriend choose not to have an abortion, many Democrats will call her names. Selfish bitch being the most polite one I’m willing to sully this article with. Not very tolerant or pro-choice is it? Yes, it this position where Democrats actually do insist on choice. As long as it’s the choice they want.

Well, actually there really is one more I want to mention, out of many.

I choose not to join a union. Not because I hate unions. I was once a proud Teamster. Since that time my workplaces were never a place where a union would be of any use to me.

About that same time I realized the Teamsters had removed my choice of where and how my dues were to be spent. I had been blindsided into supporting political positions I did not agree with.

That is what I’ve come to call “money laundering for the Democrat Party.”

It works like this. A poor Catholic girl, represented by SEIU, works for a hotel that is forced to transfer a portion of her wages to the union for dues. SEIU then takes those wages and adds them to the union’s campaign contributions fund where they are often used to elect or re-elect Democrats who do not share her values making her contribution transparent and anonymous.

So tell me again how you support free choice and tolerance Mr. Democrat.

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