Taylor to run for delegate in 85th District

Scott Taylor, a popular figure in Virginia Beach politics and nationally for his observations on national security, has declared his candidacy for delegate in Virginia’s 85th District to replace the retiring Del. Bob Tata.

“I would be honored to follow [Tata’s] example of dedicated and selfless service in Richmond. I am running because I am ready to serve,” Taylor says in his release.

He also mentions a key endorsement right from the start – Virginia Beach Delegate Bob Purkey:

“Proven leadership is vital in today’s complex world. Virginia and America have a long history of superb leaders. They come in all shapes, sizes, genders, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds. Superb leaders have been tested many times and excelled. They will continue to be tested.

“Intellect, compassion, integrity, courage, tenacity, love of country, and the desire to help others are required qualities. Scott Taylor passes these tests with flying colors. To know Scott is to know a leader. America has been served and will continue to be well-served by Scott Taylor.

“Please join me and his countless friends in helping Scott Taylor in his House of Delegates election campaign. Virginia and America need him in the game.” — Delegate Bob Purkey

Taylor lists as some of his experiences for the job:

* Member of the Virginia War Memorial Board of Trustees; Appointed by Governor Bob McDonnell
* Small Business Owner
* Iraq War Veteran
* Tireless advocate for national security and veterans’ issues
* Frequent guest on Fox News an other national news programs
* Graduate of Old Dominion University Government Contracting Certificate program and current student studying at Harvard University, through its Extension School.

So far, Attorney Gary Byler and School Board Member Patrick Salyer have also entered this race for the Republican nomination.

  • Chairman Byler will blow Mr. Taylor out of the water. Gary is the best person qualified to lead the 85th.
    Any statements I make are mine, and mine alone. They do not convey the opinion of any of my employers.

    • Given Gary Byler’s notorious close ties to the fringe right, it would be far too easy for the Dems to go negative on him in a general. A quality Democratic candidate could easily beat him in November.

      Nominating Byler would be a gift to the Dems.

    • With either Byler or Taylor, it will be demonstrably clear that Beach republicans are deaf to the resounding change occuring in the Republican party. It is as if by even considering these guys as party standard bearers, they are ignoring the election and the message of change it delivered. Jim DeMint got the message, so did the most radical of the tea party candidates that either lost or were chastised by the Party leadership.

      In Virginia, citizens all over this Commonwealth seem to have awakened to the clamor for positive change, not just no new taxes. The clear damage to our transportation and educational infrastructure, and the obvious inability of republicans to understand their responsibility for this decline, begs for fresh republican leadership, not party hacks and extremists whose main claim to fame is an appearance on Fox.

  • Reporting for Duty

    Popular figure? He has already run for mayor and Congress and fininshed last, or near last, both times. Interesting that there is no mention that he is moving into the district to run for office yet again.

  • Scott Taylor is a much better candidate than Gary Byler.

  • So are there any centrist, business oriented republicans left in this town? Arguing about whether Byler or Taylor is the better candidate is like wasting time arguing over Bolling or Cuccinelli. All of them would continue the no tax policy resulting in the silent but continuous destruction of local governement programs and services and of course those of the Commonwealth required to make us competitive again for jobs and business opportunity.
    The General Assembly is due for a makeover given their record of abysmal failure to support and fund the perquisites for growth and development. Someday, the party will realize that a policy of no taxes is not a blueprint for maintaining nor sustaining this state; in fact, it has demonstrated that it can destroy infrastructure, raise tuitions, lower health and support for seniors, cut K-12 education and public saferty in local government, and pave the way for privatization that costs too much and benefits only corporate investors who need safe and high returns at our expense.
    The Republican Party of Virginia may have convinced itself that companies want only low taxes to stay in or move to Virginia, but frankly, business people require much more than that. Education, transportation, research and innovation, science, and human services are crucial as well. Virginia’s dismal failure under Bill Howell and the House Republicans must be acknowledged and changed before this Commonwealth can recover from the damage they have cause. Neither Byler nor Taylor will do one thing to change that.

  • Wally Erb

    Remember, the general election is confined to the 85th, in which the demography has significantly been altered. Irrespective of party affiliation, a fiscal responsible, social moderate centrist, Kempsville High/ODU graduate, previous political office holder, with benevolent activism would be the perfect candidate.

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