Sequestration cometh…

…and that right soon:

Shortly after the Nov. 6 election, Mr. McDonnell, a Republican, cited the potential of deep federal spending cuts in the absence of a congressional debt-reduction deal in ordering department heads to prepare contingencies for cuts of 4 percent.

The governor could implement all the cuts, some of them, or change any of the recommendations. Or, if revenues remain on track or ahead of appropriations as they were through October, Mr. McDonnell could impose none of the cuts.

…or Governor McDonnell could make all the cuts and put back into VRS what the General Assembly stole temporarily borrowed from localities last year until the economy improved.

Of course, the semi-good news out of this is that the impact of sequestration to Virginia is not viewed to be entirely serious in terms of impact to federal aid.  Of course, federal aid to localities is a different matter… but overall, the impact may not be as serious as once feared.

Now naturally, this will have zero impact on the talk of the RPV Advance — a gas tax hike proposed by Senate Republicans to offset the “transportation crisis” in Virginia.

That’s right folks… $137 million in proposed cuts to government, in contrast to gee-I-wonder-how-much-in-gas-tax-hikes proposed by liberal Republicans?

Great move, Governor.  More to come.

  • As a road salesman who drives all across the Commonwealth, from Norton to Chincoteague, and from Emporia to Arlington, I’ve always been suspicious whenever pols raise the banner of transportation crisis.

  • The use of the term advance in the context of the republican party is an oxymoron. We have been going backwards since republicans took control of the House of Delegates, and no meeting of the faithful with exclusion of the grass roots Virginia will change that one iota.

    Frankly from an issue standpoint I see little difference between Bolling,
    Cuccinelli, or McDonnell. All are arch conservatives who readily abandoned
    republican postions to embrace the ideology of the tea party and far right to
    the detriment of the Commonwealth. Cuccinelli will embody the same commitment to
    privatization, deregulation, and small government, which means cut local
    government and brag about reducing taxes. The damage they have all done to
    Virginia is palpable as tuitions have soared, highway congestion has cost us our
    economic competitiveness, bad deals like the ERC have been done because the
    state has no other alternatives, and the Commonwealth is falling apart. Frankly,
    Bolling, Cuccinelli, McDonnell, who cares?

    • So you’re blaming today’s Republicans for the failures of yesterday’s Democrats like Warner and Kaine? Well done… I knew you had a bi-partisan streak!

      • Yes, I am. They are of the same ilk as Bill Howell and his cast of characters who have signed the Norquist no tax pledge and have presided over the destruction of our Commonweath’s programs and services that the no tax policy has wrought. Perhaps you want your children to live in a Commonwealth so devoid of quality infrastructure, educational opportunity, and services for the poor and infirmed; I don’t.

  • Tim J

    There is going to be major voter “sticker shock” coming with the first paycheck of 2013 as the payroll tax and a lot of other taxes increase and still others kick in for the health care and whatever the state decides to do. We have already staffed a memo to our employees which we will send them in the first week of the new year letting them know why their paychecks are lower in order to deflect any misplaced anger that follows. As far as the gas tax, it just adds insult to injury.

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