Now That’s The Bill Bolling I Know!


The statement he should have issued last week…


Just a quick note to say “Thank You” to the hundreds of people who have reached out to Jean Ann and me over the past week. We truly appreciate the thoughtfulness you have shown us in the days following the decision to suspend my campaign for the Republican Party’s nomination for Governor of Virginia.

As I’ve said before, this was a very difficult decision for me – probably the most difficult personal or professional decision I’ve ever had to make. However, I know it was the right decision and we are at peace with the decision we made.

I wish all of our candidates well as they move forward with their campaigns in 2013. I encourage them to keep their focus on the issues that matter most to the people of Virginia and offer a positive vision for the future of our state.

I truly want to see the Republican Party rebuild and become a big tent party that can win elections and get things done to better the people of Virginia. That’s what Governor McDonnell and I have done, and the results speak for themselves.

That’s why I intend to focus on being a more independent voice for Virginia in the months to come, speaking out more objectively on the important issues facing our state and on the future of the Republican Party.

My focus will now turn to the upcoming General Assembly session and the work that remains to be done in the McDonnell/Bolling administration. Governor McDonnell and I have accomplished a lot over the past three years, but we have a lot of work left to do and we won’t stop working until we turn out the lights on January 11, 2014.

Thanks again for your friendship, confidence and support. If I don’t see you before the holidays, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling

Much better, much more disciplined… and it doesn’t repudiate his reputation as a conservative crusader over the last 20 years.

  • Trixie

    I don’t blog or comment but I felt compelled to do so now. This note from Bill is not a lot different from what he said in his first email. We all knew that he never meant to imply that he would run as an independent, and I told people that at the Advance. Too many people jumped to conclusions and tried hard to read between the lines but were just plain dead wrong about it. Bill is a Republican, a statesman, and an honorable man and I guess that just begged lesser folks to try and tar him. Over and out.

    • ‘Lesser folks’. Please. This statement is entirely different in tone and context. It reads like the Bill Bolling we know, while the first was petty, divisive and bitter.

    • There’s a big difference between this — which was graceful — and last week, which overtly threatened a third party run and completely repudiated the conservative credentials Bolling had accumulated over the last 20 years of his political career. An ocean of difference… and much different than those driving Bill off the cliff probably wanted to hear.

    • Ryan Gleason

      Bolling fanned the Independent Run flames himself when he didn’t endorse Cuccinelli, and didn’t overtly say no to the Independent bid when asked by the Roanoke Times. No one has tried to malign the Lt. Gov.

  • I still don’t know why Jaime Ratke compelled to chime in on all of it on Thursday, crashing Bill’s talking with reporters at the capitol. But I wasn’t surprised at her continued boorish behavior. But I was pretty shocked at the tone of Bill’s first press release. And he has still NOT ruled out running as an Independent, if you read his words carefully.

    • EricMcGrane

      Of course you don’t know why. It logically follows.

      Let’s remember this discussion the next time a tea party/liberty conservative hints at running 3rd party, mmmkay?

    • Larsele

      There’s nothing boorish about Jaime Radtke…your reinterpretation of the latest Bolling statement is the “boorish” analysis.

  • EricMcGrane

    Sure, but the damage has already been done. Remember when many ON THIS BLOG were castigating Jamie Radtke for criticizing Allen and upset about how her criticism could be used as ammo against him? Well, Bolling just did that exact very thing. And the dems have already picked it up and are using his comments.

    So while THIS statement is a bit better, he already got to lob his grenades into the room. Honest, consistent people would be equally upset over this comments as they were over Radtke’s.

  • pinecone321

    He never said that he won’t run as an Independent. He never acknowledged Cuccinelli. He seems to be trying to act normal which he hasn’t done for the last several days, Still have no clue what Bollings intentions are. Does anyone else?

  • “That’s why I intend to focus on being a more independent voice for Virginia in the months to come, speaking out more objectively on the important issues facing our state and on the future of the Republican Party.” There is nothing new in this new statement. Where is his endorsement of Ken? Where is his pledge to work toward another Republican sweep of the top offices? Very Dissappointing! This is the same man who worked so hard to shove Allen and Romney down everyone’s throats, and of course we all fell in line and worked ourselves to exhaustion promoting that milquetoast ticket. Bolling’s own internal delegate polling convinced him that he had NO CHANCE to win. It is time to be gracious, not petty.

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