Democrats working to uncling guns and religion

Gotta love Democrats. Now that the election is over, Obama can stop talking about stuff he doesn’t care about (the economy) and get back to his passions (gun control).

Barack Obama, remember, thought the American people “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Rhode Island, Obama country with his 63% win, just declared their Christmas tree is really not for Christmas. It’s a “holiday” tree.

Can’t have people clinging to Christmas this time of year. So, if it’s a “holiday” tree, what other holidays can we put trees up for? July 4th? How about a Labor Day tree?

Come to think of it, if we can’t say Christmas in public anymore, I want Labor Day renamed!!!! Why the heck should Americans be forced to celebrate Labor Unions?

Meanwhile, polls came out today claiming that voters in Virginia, North Carolina and Colorado want more gun control.

Who paid for the poll? “Mayors against Illegal Guns”

Ah – no bias there!

Everyone is against “illegal guns.” That’s not what NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the money behind the Mayors, is shooting for (sorry, had to).

Bloomberg favors a whole lot of measures that target law-abiding citizens lawfully owning firearms.

Gun control, however, has nothing to do with guns that are already illegal, which is why their poll tries to muster opposition for the right to a concealed carry permit.

The poll touts how much voters trust Obama on gun issues. If all Obama does is crack down on illegal guns possessed by criminals, these polls will probably not be an issue for him.

But if he follows Bloomberg and tries to divert blame away from these big city Mayors’ absolute failure to fight crime in their cities by usurping the Constitutional rights of citizens across the country, he’ll have a big problem very quickly.

  • MD Russ

    Bloomberg and his whiney cohorts have been pushing this campaign for years with little or no success. Why? Because bogus polls don’t elect legislators. Reputable polls show that a vast majority of voters feel that gun control is either “just right” or “too restrictive.” Neither the voters nor the Supreme Court on their side, so they and Eric Holder can take a flying leap.

    Bumper sticker: “Claiming that guns kill people is like claiming that spoons make Rosie O’Donnell fat.”

  • JadeGold

    “a vast majority of voters feel that gun control is either “just right” or “too restrictive.” ”

    Oh, really?

    This just illustrates bad math. The following is a reference to a series of national polls-over time:

    As one can plainly see, poll after poll shows the vast majority of Americans either prefer ‘no change’ or ‘some change’ to existing gun laws. Those favoring ‘less restrictive’ are. relatively speaking, a fringe minority.

    As to Kirwan’s rather silly post, the GOP claims ‘bias’whenever the science is against them.

    • The only silly thing is you can’t spell my name correctly and it’s in the post.

    • MD Russ


      CNN, along with CBS, The Washington Post, and certain other media outlets have a well-known anti-gun bias. Polls conducted by them are predictably unfavorable to gun ownership. They don’t necessary cook the numbers; it is far easier to make your poll reflect the findings you want. As a former colleague of mind who had a Ph.D related to opinion polling was fond of saying, “If you want the right answer, then all you have to do is ask the right questions.”

      The problem with the poll you cite is that the responses “major restrictions” and “minor restrictions” are not quantified and the respondent is left to interpret the value according to his own opinion. What would be a major restriction on guns, repealing concealed carry laws? Or would that be a minor restriction? To an anti-gun advocate, eliminating CCW permits would be a minor change. To a gun rights advocate, that would be a major change. That is the only “bad math” at work here.

      Go to and look at their polling data. When you combine the responses of people who feel that gun laws are “about right” with those who want “less restrctions,” then you get overwhelming majorities compared with those who want “more restrictions.” That is far clearer (and more honest) than asking the ambiguous question of “minor changes” versus “major changes.”

  • Tim J

    The last time New York dabbled in Virginia gun
    politics was in 1993, when Doug Wilder signed into law the stupid “one gun
    a month” ban which was finally repealed this year. Bloomberg and his
    “banning” disease has resulted in choice being taken away from his
    subjects in terms of soft drinks, salt, food choices and more are on the
    way. Now he is trying to infect other Mayors with this disease and as
    Brian indicates, is providing a scapegoat for failure. But then there is
    the ChicagoLand case study which has Godfather Emanuel whining about illegal
    guns because they are banned for ordinary citizens and his murder rate is four
    times that of New York City.

    • MD Russ


      As you can see from my post above, I am an ardent Second Amendment supporter. However, I have to take issue with your characterization of the “one gun per month” law. Actually, it was good legislation. It dampened gun running while having no practical effect on legitimate gun purchases. Under the law, there were numerous exceptions to the one-gun rule. Most notably, it did not apply to CCW permit holders. Non-permit holders were exempt in such cases as a lost or stolen handgun, trading in a handgun, private sales, etc. If you actually read the law, it is hard to imagine how it impaired anyone except for gun traffickers. Repealing the law had the practical effect of providing talking points for the gun-grabbers and helping the liberals brand Republicans as wildly irresponsible loons unfit to govern. Good job.

      The biggest enemy of lawful gun ownership is not Bloomberg and The Brady Bunch. It is the absolutists on the gun ownership side who want no reasonable restrictions at all. That position alienates those moderates in the middle and drives them to the left. That is why I have never belonged to the NRA or the GOA, even though I am both a long-time gun owner and CCW permit holder.

      Moderation in all things is the best course of action. Extremism, either on the left or the right, is its own punishment.

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