Tom Perriello to the Democrats’ rescue?

Tom Perriello, the one-time, one-term, congressman from Charlottesville is “open” to the idea of running for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination:

Sources close to Perriello confirmed to The Huffington Post that he is considering a gubernatorial bid.

Perriello served one term in Virginia’s 5th congressional district, beating then-incumbent Rep. Virgil Goode (R-Va.) in a long-shot bid by just 727 votes. On the campaign and in Congress, he was a favorite of the progressive community.

Oh what fun that would be.

It would give us an opportunity to relive moments like this over and over again:

  • pinecone321

    Holy crap, the Democrats are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel now. If One Term Tommy couldn’t even win re-election with liberal Cville in his back front and side pockets, how in the heck do they think this Piglosi puppet, funded by none other than George Soros can win the Governors seat. The Republicans better get their selves in gear for more instances of voter fraud in the Commonwealth. I am still hearing more and more personal accounts of witnessing voter fraud in VA., and many many are attesting that they were told that they had actually voted already when they knew they hadn’t. Please can we require a paper ballot trail aside and apart from the easily hacker electronic voting machines?

    • As for the voter fraud you’ve heard about, Proof Or Not Real. I want names and locations of anybody who told you the things you’ve been “hearing”.

      • pinecone321

        Give Brian Wilson, early morning WMAL host a call. He has been covering the reports of voter fraud in VA pretty extensively. He’s had many many who have called in, given their names, and who they reported their experiences to, especially the people who were told they had already voted when they hadn’t. He has the transcripts of the callers, their names, and their locations. He’s also had some poll watchers call in with their observations, and who they reported those observations to. Perhaps you can check with the VA election board to get a copy of the complaints filed. This year more than ever people are waking up to the very real voter fraud that is in fact happening. They are silent no more.

  • Tom Perriello was never more correct about congress in that video.

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