Poll: Who are these guys running for LG?

There are likely six candidates vying for the right to be the GOP nominee for lieutenant governor in 2013. And, who knows, in time, there might be more.

Of those that are clearly interested, if not declared, who do you know the best?

Which Republican lieutenant governor candidate do you know the best?

  • Steve Martin (30%, 376 Votes)
  • Scott Lingamfelter (20%, 246 Votes)
  • Susan Stimpson (13%, 170 Votes)
  • EW Jackson (13%, 164 Votes)
  • I don't know any of them well enough to vote for them (12%, 150 Votes)
  • Corey Stewart (8%, 98 Votes)
  • Jeannemarie Devolites Davis (4%, 56 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,260

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  • EW Jackson and Susan Stimpson! What a dillema, so many good choices!

  • Anonymous1

    Why is the poll shut down? I’m trying to vote for Steve Martin!

    • Voter suppression! Voter fraud! We need voting reform! ID must be required to vote here!

  • Josh

    That was a short lived poll. Why?

  • Pete

    Wow bd! Really

  • Lovettsville Lady

    I never got to vote. I would have voted for Scott. With such a small number of people voting, only 198 who actually know something about the candidates, it’s not a significant poll. Why is Susan Stimpson’s name in bold? Is she the Bearing Drift candidate?

  • The poil is still active. Votes are determined as cast by IP address; so, it is possible that if you are on a network, it shows a vote that someone else made. If you clear your cache, you may be able to vote. Sorry about that. The person in bold is the person you supposedly voted for. We’ll look into alternatives for this plugin, but we haven’t seen it as an issue before now. This poll will end Thursday, 11:59 p.m.

    • Can you require a login name in order to post so people are less likely to use every device at their disposal to put a finger on the scale for their candidate?

      • This popularity thing sucks. More and more controls to ensure equity! We’ll look into it.

        • Fair elections are all I ask of ya man.. er, meant to say fair polls..

    • Kyle

      I thought it was supposed to end last night?

    • Phil

      Will you stop the poll like you said you would? It’s not fair I thought you were supposed to be lingamfelter and Stimpson fans? They’re getting crushed and you’re just letting it happen. Please stop it like you said you would so its not more embarrassing. They’re good candidates and they deserve a better shot than what you’re allowing by keeping it open past your stated deadline.

      • Keep Em Out

        That doesn’t make much sense unless they’re unaware that its still active and aren’t able to get the word out to their voters. I’m just happy to see Jeanmarie and Corey Stewart doing so poorly 🙂 I thought Corey already had amassed 35,000 plus supporters per his website? Anyone but those two!

  • Chesterfield native

    Many people are still trying to vote

  • Lovettsville Lady

    Ok, just came back to BD and had no problem voting. I guess it was the link that I used from FB.

  • “Of those that are clearly interested, if not declared, who do you know the best?” Kind of a BS poll. Just because I “know” someone doesn’t mean I would vote for them to be dog catcher.

    • Jay, you see right through us. You’re one smart dude.

  • How about everyone say something about who they support to get the discussion going..

    I had it narrowed down to either Lingamfelter or Stimpson, both of whom I personally like in a lot of ways. I recently came to the conclusion that, given Va voter demographics, Stimpson will in all likelihood be more electable in the general election. The rest of the field has plusses and minuses but their negatives add up to us really only having 2 viable candidates with demonstrable high profile leadership for the general election.

    Stimpson is a rock solid conservative with a pro life and liberty appeal that resonates with young and old republicans alike. She is well identified as an active leader in her county by her many friends in the armed forces as the wife of an active duty marine with over 25 years of service to our country. And Stimpson has a stellar record as chair of the BOS for Stafford County. She has consistently voted for smaller government, cutting real estate taxes, eliminated BPOL, cut recreational boat taxes, cut or abolished impact fees, reduced the Stafford budget more than once, reduced the size of Stafford administration & more. Stimpson supports “Constitutional Carry, supports school choice and home schooler tax credits, small business tax cuts and across the board spending reductions.

    She would balance the ticket well for either of the candidates for governor or AG..

    • Couldn’t agree more!

      • As Stafford BOS chairwoman Stimpson has done a remarkable job
        of cutting taxes, improving schools, making sure road work gets done right.. Through her efforts and that of former chairman Mark Dudenhefer, Stafford’s bond rating was upgraded by Fitch Rating Service citing “superior economic and financial performance.” The bond rating upgrade helps save taxpayer money.

  • M J Deeds

    Scott Ligamfelter is the best for the job.

  • Since the poll is which candidate I “know the best” and not which one I favor, I picked Corey Stewart as I’ve been watching his shenanigans in my county very closely over the last couple years. As for which one I favor, I’m leaning more towards Stimpson at this point based on her hawkish fiscal policy.

  • Edmund Randolph

    Steve Martin: If you cannot join with your Republican colleagues in the Senate to support the Republican nominees for President and Vice President in the weeks leading up to the election, you do not deserve our support. Republicans like you are the reason Barack Obama is still in the White House.

    • VA Political Watcher

      I guess you were misinformed but Senator Martin sponsored call nights and volunteer efforts at every victory center around the state of Virginia, as well as at many local GOP headquarters. He repeatedly and consistently was asked to speak on behalf of George Allen and Mitt Romeny and did so with no mention of himself. Not only that but he and his staff made tens of thousands of calls in the weeks and months leading up to the fall election. Many of the call nights he sponsored yielded more volunteers in a night than that center had had in the whole week before each day combined. He worked hard for the effort this fall. Please tell me where you heard that he didn’t?

    • So Steve Martin suppressed millions of Republican votes? Face it guys, we all failed.

    • Lissa

      Mr. Randolph you are incredibly mistaken. I politely ask you to do a little more research before posting such remarks that are as untruthful as this. I know for a fact the time Senator Martin spent on the campaign trail trying to build support for Romney was great, and like another poster stated, if more people did the same then Obama would not be in the white house. Your comments is incredibly rude and unfounded.

  • Steve Martin is running? He was awesome in ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ and ‘The Man With Two Brains’, but ‘The Jerk’ was probably my favorite film of his.

  • Dave Jennings

    I tried to vote for Stimpson but I don’t think it took.

  • Edmund Randolph: please et accurate information before speaking. Senator Martin openly endorsed Romney and Ryan and spent close to three months on the campaign trail for them night after night. Truth is actually the exact opposite of what you stated. If more republicans had put in the work senator Martin did for the campaign there is no way we would have Obama back in office.

  • Dan Campbell

    Edmund, Senator Martin hosted a phone bank for Mitt Romney at every victory office in the commonwealth. You are significantly misinformed

  • Dan Cambell

    I support Steve Martin!

  • steve Martin

    How do u vote? Steve Martin

  • Shaun

    Steve Martin, who has diligently served his constituents in the state Senate for 18 years (soon to be 19 years) and 6 years in the House of Delegates has been a consistent fixture and a respected voice of Republican values was my pick

  • Carol

    Steve Martin has my vote. I have followed Steve’s voting record, and heard his thoughts on many, many issues. He may belong to the Republican party, but his record is that of voting in a manner consistent with the values of the U S Constitution. His record is of service to the commonwealth. He speaks his mind without political double talk as a result of character. Character matters.

  • To blame Senator Martin for our loss in November is absurd. I’m not endorsing him or anyone else at this point, I’m still meeting with and researching the candidates but Senator Martin was one of the hardest working elected officials in Virginia in the weeks leading up to the election. I personally know of multiple call nights right here in the Fightin’ 9th and I know he did others across the state.

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