‘Draft Bob McDonnell for President 2016’

With the latest polling numbers confirming that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell continues to be one of the most popular governors in the country, some are beginning to look ahead to 2016’s presidential race.

A “Draft Bob McDonnell for President 2016” Facebook page has been set up as a grassroots effort to gain support for this effort:

President of the United States. The face of a nation … OUR nation. Someone who is like us, understands us, can talk to us and about us; yet has a clear vision of the future of our country and the gifts to make it a reality.

Governor McDonnell is this man. A proven man of the people, his entire adult life has been in public service both in and out of a uniform. He is a devoted husband, doting father, former Soldier, previous Attorney General, and now Governor of the great state of Virginia. He has lived a life whose sum of experiences have prepared him for this responsibility.

He knows how to envision the possibilities, develop the strategy to achieve them, use his gifted ability to lead others toward the same goals, and make the tough decisions necessary to keep the vision alive. His record in prior positions and now as Governor is an undeniable testament to his fiscal responsibility.

His love for country is best seen in his deep respect for the Military and their service/sacrifice. He understands
responsibility and will never shy from it. He does not blame others, but rather takes on these challenges as his own. He is not a man of apologies but a man of integrity.

President McDonnell will lead this country along a difficult but rewarding road to economic recovery, international respect, and opportunities for all at home who work hard and devote themselves to achievement – regardless of social status or ethnicity.

Bob McDonnell … the 45th President of the United States.

Could this movement gain momentum? Stay tuned….

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  • He’s all that and more, but the Roanoke Times will hate him. Reason enough for me to back him.

  • Nathan Miller

    I’m afraid the resent overreaching by the General Assembly has torpedoed his chances. Romney clearly thought he would be a liability.

    • MD Russ

      Not to mention the recent overreaching by the General Assembly. We should all hope that Bob Marshall and the rest of the Virginia Taliban don’t resend their War On Women legislation to the Governor in the next session. It is just not very helpful.

  • MD Russ

    As much as I like Gov. Bob, I just can’t see it. Although far more stranger things have happened. Take, for instance, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton coming out of nowhere. And, of course, there was that B-grade movie actor and former union president who became governor of California and then became one of the top two or three presidents of the entire 20th Century. Of course, if Mark Warner reluctantly accepts the governorship in 2013, then he will certainly be a Democratic front-runner in 2016. Now that would be an interesting primary season.

  • Virginians continue to be duped by the friendly and non confrontational style
    of the Governor which masks an ultra conservative, if not reactionary approach to
    government and economic development. It is as if he wants to hold back the hands
    of time and then go back to a simpler time when women stayed home, the family
    lived in a suburb, went to a neighborhood school, and together attended church
    on Sunday, everyone had a family doctor, roads actually had capacity and worked
    well, and most of us were employed on Main Street.

    Today the nation of course is faster paced, international in scope, our
    society is less dogmatic and more pragmatic, and given the Governor’s consistent
    failure to deal with change, it is amazing to me he remains so popular.

    The damage he has done to our transportation and educational infrastructure,
    our social and cultural relations, our health system, and our business and
    economic development competitiveness cannot easily be reversed. It is as if we
    have lost a decade in just the three short years he has been in office. That is
    what happens when Virginians vote for nice guys with a history of failure who
    hide their real motives and aim for maintenance of their personal image and fail
    to exercise crucial leadership.
    Could such a politician vie for the opportunity to do the same to our Nation. I certainly hope not!

    • Mike! You’re back! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Michael Barrett full of horse ship as usual.. Knifing the Guv in the back despite his close friendship with the mayor of VB who is your boss and a Yes man for light rail.. Mikee, didn’t your boss, the mayor of Va Beach aka Will “Light Rail” Sessoms raise a ton of cash for governor McDonnell? Please be specific about the damage you refer to that Bob has caused to our infrastructure. I know you are a liberal and in the closet on some issues but thats your business.. And.. Lets talk about your boss the mMayor of VB’s city council blaming Bob and the general assembly for everything wrong with state.. Yes, its on tape. No, Bob did not deserve the disparaging comments directed at Richmond.

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