If we must talk about 2013…

It took less than 24 hours (I think) before Virginia Republicans tried to distract themselves from the disaster of 2012 by…falling on each other like wolves regarding 2013.

Bolling slangs Cuccinelli; Ken’s supporters slang back; Bill’s backers counter-slang (or is it counter-counter-slang?); etc.

So, as I’m staying neutral, I drifted away from the argument, and stumbled into an issue that for Virginians is critical.

One of the next steps in Robertscare is the founding of state health insurance exchanges. Michael Cannon (National Review Online) notes how these exchanges are the next political battle over Robertscare, and cited none other than Bob McDonnell, who has refuse to implement the exchange or the Medicaid expansion (which could bankrupt the Commonwealth in the long run).

So, if Bill and Ken can take enough time away from circling each other warily…perhaps they can answer this question:

Do you or do you not intend to maintain Governor McDonnell’s policy of resistance to Robertscare?

If we must talk about 2013, let’s talk about issues, shall we?

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