Bolling’s opening salvo of the 2013 campaign? Electability

Just in case you forgot, next year is an election year in Virginia, and a big one to boot, as the three statewide office will be up for grabs in addition to the House of Delegates. So let’s waste no time and dive right in to this Politico piece featuring one of the GOP gubernatorial contenders, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling:

Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling called the 2012 election results a wake-up call for state Republicans heading into the 2013 governor’s race, arguing that the party needs to put electability first in choosing a gubernatorial nominee next year.

“Electability.” Isn’t that on the list of forbidden words?

The GOP should offer voters a “clear choice” in 2013, Bolling said, but that doesn’t mean choosing a candidate too conservative and too activist-oriented to win the state or appeal to its growing Hispanic and Asian-American electorate.

“I think I’m the logical person to build on the progress that Gov. McDonnell and I have made,” Bolling said. “Mr. Cuccinelli’s made a lot of noise and he’s gotten a lot of publicity, but he hasn’t really accomplished a lot. … I think I’m the only Republican candidate for governor who’s actually electable next November.”

If Republicans choose a nominee who is an “ideological firebrand,” Bolling said, “it may make some in the base of our party happy, but we’re going to turn the governor’s office over to the Democrats next November.”

It’s a very, very interesting way to frame one’s candidacy. No need for firebrands or party pleasers. Instead, competence and electability are the order of the day.

Oh my.