Virginia is a blue state? Obama, Kaine win, but GOP sweeps in House

It’s late. Republicans lost. Short and sweet, congrats to President Obama and Senator Kaine. Good luck fixing 23 million unemployed, $16 trillion in debt, a cover-up in Libya, a nationalization of 1/6 of the economy, and the prospects of raising taxes.

The good news is that not one of the GOP congressmen in Virginia lost. The Republicans will retain an 8-3 margin in the delegation – the last bastion against unencumbered liberalism.

Majority Leader Cantor will likely continue to be the backbone of the Republican Party. He will have the spine of conservatism, along with his colleague, Paul Ryan.

So, did anything change tonight? Not really. But, I’m sure, over the next few days, we’re all going to try to explain the death of the Tea Party or even the end of the GOP. Instead, in my opinion, we have real issues and a divided nation. Will Obama and Kaine lead?