Virginia is a blue state? Obama, Kaine win, but GOP sweeps in House

It’s late. Republicans lost. Short and sweet, congrats to President Obama and Senator Kaine. Good luck fixing 23 million unemployed, $16 trillion in debt, a cover-up in Libya, a nationalization of 1/6 of the economy, and the prospects of raising taxes.

The good news is that not one of the GOP congressmen in Virginia lost. The Republicans will retain an 8-3 margin in the delegation – the last bastion against unencumbered liberalism.

Majority Leader Cantor will likely continue to be the backbone of the Republican Party. He will have the spine of conservatism, along with his colleague, Paul Ryan.

So, did anything change tonight? Not really. But, I’m sure, over the next few days, we’re all going to try to explain the death of the Tea Party or even the end of the GOP. Instead, in my opinion, we have real issues and a divided nation. Will Obama and Kaine lead?

  • EricMcGrane

    GOP leadership needs to be purged. Cantor/Boehner were coasting, trying to play out the clock until this election. How the GOP rolled over for the democrats has been embarrassing, but I assume they justified it to themselves by hoping to “play nice” and not seem “extreme” or obstructionist in the run-up to the election.
    Its time for the GOP to defund everything. Play hardball. Actually fight. Doesn’t that sound grand?

    • That sounds like the recipe to lose everything. I’m tired of the far-right refusing to compromise over anything.

      • EricMcGrane

        Yes, its just so darn “extreme” to think that you can’t spend your way to solvency. Those gosh darn far-righters.

        You should just join the democrat party…then meeting the demands of your ideological opponents is much easier, and you wouldn’t have to compromise.

  • Dave

    Well said JR… I hope this will help the GOP in 2016!

  • Tom James

    Maybe you might all consider other voices ie. Ron Paul and not behave like Nazi fascist shutting out opposing/different views candidates. You came across as belligerent passed at the convention. The Dems just looked like ignorant fools. Just pretend if you can’t really bring yourself to be more open minded. Catch more bees with sugar versus vinegar. If its one thing right has in plentiful supply its vinegar.

    I’m out of the game so I have no bias either way. I think you’re all nuts.

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