Election Day – Open Thread

Today’s the big day! In Virginia and across the country Americans are deciding who will take the White House and the fate of the Senate. Polls in Virginia are open until 7pm so get out and vote!

What are you seeing in your area? Please share your thoughts and observations throughout the day and come back tonight for results coverage starting at 7pm!

3:54 Update

Paul Ryan has arrived in Richmond and you can watch him live via WTVR CBS 6.

2:50 Update

Paul Ryan is expected for a rally at Richmond International Airport any time now:

Ryan is scheduled to arrive at Richmond International Airport at 2:55 p.m., according to a Romney-Ryan news release. The event is in the Continental Express Hangar.

The event is Ryan’s second of the day, following a stop in Cleveland, Ohio. Ryan also is scheduled to vote in the morning in Janesville, Wis.

2:30 Update

Had the opportunity to talk with Del. Scott Lingamfelter, who is making the precinct rounds in Prince William County. Lines are long, both sides are motivated, but Republican voters have that extra bit of determination in their step. “This is truly a get out the vote election,” says Lingamfelter. “And it’s going to be close.”

Scroll down to hear the audio of our interview.

1:50pm Update

Charlottesville 1 p.m. turnout 36.55% compared to 41.42% at same time in 2008.

Portions of 189 ballots cast in Spotsylvania have been invalidated due to issues when setting up machines in split precincts:

Kathy Smith, county spokeswoman, said this afternoon that the ballots cast by 189 people at the Lee Hill and Summit precincts early this morning are only partially valid. The voters’ choices for president and senate and their preferences on the two constitutional questions will be honored, Smith said. But voters’ choices in the First and Seventh Congressional District races will be discarded, she added.

“All the votes for presidential election, senatorial election and the two questions are valid votes,” Smith said. “The other votes will not count because there’s no way to tell if people were voting in their correct district.”

In the Summit Precinct, 141 votes in the congressional race were disregarded. In the Lee Hill Precinct, 48 votes in the congressional race were disregarded.

10:40 Update

Reports of problems at some Newport News area precincts, with ballots being cast in the wrong congressional districts. Being sorted out now.

9:45 Update

Long lines, and a few glitches according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.