As Tim Kaine Silently Backs The War On Coal, It’s Morning In Norton.

Sun coming up in Norton, Virginia as “Kaine Betrayed Coal” tour continues. (photo by Ben Marchi, taken this morning at dawn.)

Governor Kaine and his compadre, President Obama continue to wage war on coal. There have been more than 1300 coal mining jobs lost in the past few weeks in Virginia alone.

Each mining job supports more than 3 other jobs in the local economy. It’s impossible to estimate how many non-mining jobs are now gone, or soon will be, but it must at least equal that 1300 number.

Governor Kaine’s website has this on energy;

America’s long-term goal should be to expand the use of low-polluting forms of energy. It’s good for the economy, good for America’s security and good for the environment. We need to be on the cutting edge of new clean energy technologies like wind, solar and nuclear power. Virginia has a particularly bright future in production of biodiesel from agricultural and forestry products.

All mush and no substance.

He finally gets around to an oblique mention of coal in his second paragraph where he calls for us to reduce our energy consumption by 40%.

Just how am I supposed to do that Governor? Sit in the dark and freeze?

I can find no interview, no statement on his website that leads me to believe that Tim Kaine actually supports the 9th District and its coal energy resources. Despite his expensive helicopter ad, where he claimed to be a moving force behind the Wise County Dominion clean coal plant. A claim that was quickly disproved.

“If Tim Kaine had his way it [plant] wouldn’t even have been built. He supports lower emissions [standards], and that plant wouldn’t have even been built. He’s betrayed coal. You cannot be a friend of coal and support the policies and politicians who want to bankrupt coal,” [Ben] Marchi said.

We can assume all that means Governor Kaine is complicit with President Obama’s war on coal.

We can find several offhand mentions by both about “clean coal.” Neither goes into specifics. Scrubber technology has come a long way in the past decade or so. Virginia Tech has been working for years to develop a viable method to capture carbon and send it underground, sequestering it.

This new technology warms the heart of an old engineer. Our current scrubber technology could be compared to VHS tapes vs rabbit ears. The president and senate candidate expect us to make the giant leap from VHS to Blu-ray. Overnight.

That won’t happen.

As I stated above I’ve searched hard for something from Governor Kaine that would indicate he supports the economy of the 9th District. He’s instead a silent ally of the president.

What I can find is several instances where the Obama campaign has harassed coal supporters, and even barred their entry to public events.

Such as this;

Advocates of “clean coal,” hopeful of pushing their cause at Obama-Biden campaign events, say that organizers have confiscated T-shirts, hats and signs and harassed supporters.

Congressman Morgan Griffith offers a resource manual for out-of-work miners. Download it here; Resource Manual

UPDATE: The Romney campaign just released a new ad on this subject.

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