Henrico County doesn’t have a prayer

At least not if you’re on the Board of Supervisors.

According to NBC 12, Henrico County has decided to drop the opening prayer from its public Board of Supervisors meetings, effective immediately. The invocations had been a staple of the meetings for at least the past 25 years, according to longtime members of the board and county government.

The decision comes in response to a complaint from the Wisconsin based Freedom from Religion Foundation. We’ve heard from them before. You know, they’re the ones who lead the lawsuit against the Giles County, Wisconsin school board over the placement of the 10 Commandments in schools. Oh, wait, Giles County is in Virginia.

Don’t Wisconsin liberals have enough troubles of their own with their failed attempt to oust Governor Scott Walker?

Seriously dudes, lighten up on the cheese. A little regularity might do you some good.

But the Freedom from Religion Foundation (maybe I’ll start a Freedom from Whiners Foundation) filed a complaint following a June 12 meeting where a Baptist minister closed his prayer “in Jesus’ name.”

Because the construction of a new mosque was on the agenda, apparently dozens of Muslims were in the audience.

The compliant said that the prayer created an “an atmosphere of hostility.”

Hostile Muslims? There’s a novelty.

Then again, they weren’t the ones who complained. In fact the person who complained isn’t even a county resident.

But rather than face the legal battles that were sure to come, the Henrico Board of Supervisors opted to remove the invocation.

It’s a pity that it’s come to this.

Interestingly at my church IN Henrico County last Sunday, we had a missionary speak who has spent his last 31 years working in Africa, most recently in Sudan.

South Sudan recently celebrated their 1st year as a nation. While there is conflict and while in the Republic of Sudan it’s dangerous to be a Christian in South Sudan:

– you can post the 10 Commandments
– you can have your manger scene
– school BEGINS with prayer
– Christian education is a required subject

In a not unrelated item on this day in 1955 President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed into law H.R. 619, a bill that required that the inscription “In God We Trust” appear on all paper and coin currency.

How far we’ve come in the name of “tolerance.”

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance.
Psalm 33:12

Sorry if that offends you.

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