George Allen Addresses Supporters Following Primary Win

Virginia’s Primary race emerged with a Republican victor to contend with former DNC Chairman Tim Kaine for the United States.  Front runner and former Governor, George Allen, made it official winning the GOP nomination.  Allen won the nomination versus three other Republican challengers.  Including:  Bishop E.W. Jackson, Delegate Bob Marshall and former state Tea Party Chair, Jamie Radtke.

George Allen delivered a spirited primary victory speech Tuesday evening in Richmond.  Flanked by his wife, Susan, and daughters, Allen addressed his supporters at the Westin Hotel in Richmond.  A room filled with upbeat supporters cheered the official nominee.

State Board of Election website shows George Allen won the Republican nomination for United States Senate with 65.47% of the vote.  Competitors trailed with 23.04% for Jamie Radtke, 6.75% for Delegate Bob Marshall and 4.71% for E.W. Jackson.  Overall voter turnout for the Commonwealth was about 5%.

Geroge Allen issued the following statement following his primary victory:

“Today, thousands of Virginians sent a message to President Obama, Tim Kaine and their allies in Washington that they have had enough of the failed policies coming out of Washington.  The way to get America creating jobs again is to reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit of America with pro-job growth policies, unleash our American energy resources and creativity, and rein in an overreaching, overspending federal government.”

“This November, Virginians have a choice between two very different futures.  My opponent supports the failed economic policies coming out of Washington and has a record of supporting bigger government and higher taxes, while losing 100,000 private sector jobs.  I trust the people, not Washington, and have a proven record of reducing tax burdens, cutting regulations and creating jobs in Virginia.”

“While it won’t be easy to change the ways of Washington, the stakes are too high to sit on the sidelines.  That’s what motivated Bishop E.W. Jackson, Delegate Bob Marshall, and Jamie Radtke, and I commend them and their supporters for their passion and concern.”

“Just as we brought Republicans and Democrats together to reform welfare, cut taxes by $600 million and create over 300,000 net new private sector jobs, we will bring Virginia’s voices and values back to Washington.  I welcome Republicans, Independents and Democrats to stand with me in November to secure the promise of the American Dream.  We can spark a genuine American Comeback based on Freedom and Opportunity for all. It’s our time for choosing – let’s lay claim to victory for Freedom in November.”

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