A thin 2013 Democratic bench puts more pressure on Warner to run for something — or everything.

Virginia’s Democrats are, according to this RTD piece, looking to 2013 through hope-tinted glasses:

“We have a very strong and deep bench,” said Brian Moran, chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia. “And one of the reasons so many individuals are exploring running for statewide office is because of the alternative.

“The alternative is downright scary to many Democrats,” Moran said, asserting that the brand of Republicans currently in power and the volume of conservative legislation dealing with social issues that advanced in a GOP controlled General Assembly this year has mobilized the party base.

“The prospect of a Ken Cuccinelli administration and a Republican lieutenant governor breaking ties in the Senate is motivating a number of very qualified individuals to consider running.”

But just who are these “very qualified individuals” ready to take the plunge?

The list Jim Nolan complies is surprisingly long. There’s Terry McAuliffe. Chap Petersen. Ward Armstrong makes an appearance. So do Edd Houck and Shannon Valentine and a few less familiar faces.

Their common denominator?

Losing elections.

No wonder, then, that Sen. Mark Warner is mentioned as the “unbeatable” savior-in-waiting:

Topping the wish list of many state Democrats anxious to regain the governor’s mansion is Sen. Mark R. Warner, a former governor who led the commonwealth from 2002 to 2006 and is rumored to be considering a 2016 presidential bid. Warner announced in October 2006 that he would not run for president in 2008.

As I noted last week, Warnermania is so strong in some Democratic circles that the idea of him being both Senator and Governor could gain traction. Though for those starry-eyed souls who insist Warner cannot be beaten in Virginia, I’ve got two words for you: George Allen.

But with a thin 2013 bench of qualified, though electorally suspect, candidates for the various statewide offices, Virginia Democrats may have little choice but to cajole, bribe or bully Warner into running for something — or everything — next year.

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