House Republicans Move For Pro-Israel Iron Dome Funding

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that House Republicans have proposed $680 million over the next three years for the purpose of supporting Israel’s “Iron Dome” short range defense system against rocket attacks.

Over the past few years Israel has suffered under the brunt of numerous rocket attacks coming out of “Palestinian” territories. Ironically, these attacks are sometimes being launched from property that the Jewish state surrendered on the basis that doing so would bring peace. The Iron Dome defense system is reported to have an 80% success rate and has likely saved many innocent lives.

While some might suggest that the United States should not be funding projects such as this it is clearly to the nation’s advantage to support Israel in its defense and fight against a common enemy. The Jewish state is a valuable bulwark against Islamism and is an ally with which the United States has always held a special affinity. Likewise, we should bear in mind that it was the United States that foisted the fallacious “land for peace” nonsense on the Jewish people and encouraged Israel to pursue that particular course of action.

President Obama has not yet said whether or not he will support the funding request, although he has said that he will support an “appropriate” amount that hopefully will be enough to help Israel sustain a successful Iron Dome program. There will certainly be a significant amount of pressure on the President to ensure that an adquate amount of funding is going into support for Israel. In light of his more ambivilent attitude toward the Jewish state, he will need to make a convincing show of support in order to quell the doubts that are being expressed by many Jewish and Christian voters.

However, after four years of taking a stance toward Israel that is nothing short of a Xerox copy of a European diplomatic hack, what makes anyone think that this President is serious on following through with his promises to American supporters of Israel?


  • Oh please. “fallacious land for peace” and when did Israel ever give up a square inch of anything? They have it, end of story. And since when is it the responsiblity of the United States to support Israel against “our common enemy”? I guess you mean Muslims. Gee, wonder.

  • Seriously. Think about it. The phrase “our common enemy” really annoys me. Who made Israel “our common ally” and who made everybody else over there “our common enemy.”? What ridiculous American foreign policy came up with such an idiotic concept? The only interests we have there are peace and oil.

  • Peace and oil? Israel has neither.

  • MD Russ

    Oh, calm down Craig. There is much more to this story than Steven knows. The US has been funding Israeli weapons R & D for years, particularly in the area of missile and rocket defense. Previous efforts included the Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL), a chemical laser system designed to destroy Katusha rockets in-flight. This support benefits the US as much as it does Israel and has been funded by both Democratic- and Republican-controlled Congresses. For example, much of the technology in our UAV’s originated in Israel.

    BTW, Steven, the success rate of Iron Dome is actually about 90%.

  • James “turbo” Cohen

    Hey jews, how is that hope n change workin out for ya?

  • @ MD

    I had based that 80% stat on the JPost article, which actually said “more than” 80%, so it would not surprise me if you were right.

    @ Craig

    We are at war with Islamism and so is Israel, so yes our “common enemy.”

  • Anonymous

    Why should we give Israel $225 million a year, on top of what we already give them? We should be balancing the budget, not giving welfare to Israel.

    “he will need to make a convincing show of support in order to quell the doubts that are being expressed by many Jewish and Christian voters” – What doubts might those be?

    What is this “common enemy” that Israel and the US are fighting against?

  • ToR

    Previous was me.

  • reality

    When did Israel give up anything?

    Nazis forced a lot of them give up a few things in WWII.

    Or is that still in the history books?

    Pharoah had em give up a few things till Moses cames along.

    And GOD made em give up few things when they failed to heed that ole saying “if you don’t listen you feel.”

  • reality

    Interesting how easy it is for the Obama Admin. to get everyone hating each other and divided again. I never realized how stupid a great # of people really are.

  • SWilliams

    Boo “European diplomatic hacks” I say. Puhlease. No “freedom fries” reference? Its amazing how powerful the ‘End-of-Times’ lobby (the GOPTea) is. Too many “Left Behind” readers i’m afraid. This sums it up nicely…

    “Every GOP candidate [and supporter] is now committed to the most extreme positions of the Likudnik Israeli right – and are to the bellicose right of most Israelis.”

  • MD Russ


    As I attempted to explain in my first post, we get more than we give when we support Israeli defense R & D. First, Israel is an ideal battle lab for developing and testing new technologies. Additionally, they have some of the most creative and innovative engineers in defense design. In some technologies they are the thought leaders of the world. If you had ever fired an M-16 and an Uzi, you would know what I mean. Second, providing preventive military support to Israel is far cheaper than bailing them out with war reserve stocks when they find themselves in a major regional conflict like the Yom Kippur War in 1973. We practically cleaned out our stocks of reserve ammunition in Europe during that conflict to keep the IDF from running out of bullets. After the fact, we realized that if the Soviet Union was going to attack NATO, then they would probably have their Middle East client states attack Israel first. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


    We are not at war with Islam, at least not those of us who are not fundamentalist evangelicals. We are at war with Muslim terrorists, who are not representative of all who follow Islam. To equate the two is like saying that all evangelical ministers are homosexual pedophiles like Ted Haggard or whore mongers like Jimmy Swaggart.

  • @ MD

    A war is ultimately a battle of ideas. The ideas that are motivating Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda are Islamic in origin and current practice. This does not mean that all Muslims are at war with us, but Islamism is a political expression of certain core tenants of Islam, not all Muslims agree with Islamism and no where in this article or in my previous comment is such a thing stated or implied.

    You are right though that we do gain more from supporting Israel than we lose.

    I also have been reading some on this thread suggest that Israel has not had to give up any land for “peace.” With all due respect, tell that to the settlers who were forcibly evacuated from their homes or the rabbis who had to supervise the exhumation of Jewish burial sites for fear that the new “Palestinian” inhabitants would desecrate the graves. Those were people, some of whom had lived there from birth.

  • SWilliams

    My favorite line from the article that Steven links to from the Jerusalum Post:

    “Congressional Republicans may hope their strong support for “Iron Dome” will help “crack the normal two-to-one advantage Democrats usually enjoy with Jewish voters,” said Cal Jillson, a political scientist at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.”

    Its a political move by the GOPTers. Surprise surprise. Just like their rushing of Keystone XL was a political stunt. They knew that the EPA review of XL had months to go. They knew that BHO would reject it for that reason and the GOPTers relished it as a political ploy.

  • MD Russ



    War is always a battle for economic resources. Ideas and ideology are thin veils of concealment. The Muslim terrorists hate the West not because of our Christianity, our democracy, or our past conflicts during the Crusades. They hate us because of our wealth and prosperity despite the fact that they control such a large portion of proven oil supplies. And they hate Israel for the same reason. Have you ever traveled in the Middle East? Driving from Egypt into Israel is like an old Disney cartoon where the characters move from a black and white set into a Technicolor one.

    • The war over whether history is about ideology or economy continues… I think the ideological argument has some merit here. Whenever there is an extra-terrestrial factor, its a good idea in my opinion to take ideology at its word, and not reduce it to economics. Of course, whether or not the people in charge are exploiting religion for earthly gain is another part of the argument, but I’m not sure that fits OBL or other Muslims who finance jihad. Just my two cents though–not trying to argue.

  • @ MD

    Then why are the sons of millionaires signing up to be suicide bombers? Osama Bin Laden was very wealthy.

    I get it, you are a utilitarian which is in and of itself an ideology.

  • MD Russ


    Suicide bombers are not sons of millionaires. Saddam Hussein was paying their families a $25,000 bounty for suicide bombers in Israel.

    Saddam Hussein, nor this pregeny, were suicide bombers–just the misguided idiots who drank his Kool-aid.

    Kind of like the fools who bought into Jerry Falwall’s nonsense.

  • @ MD

    I am not going to engage you in your obvious bias against evangelicals, but your facts are wrong about suicide bombers, there are numerous jihadists (suicide and otherwise) who are very wealthy…the facts do not fit your ideology.

  • MD Russ


    Is the entire universe only 6,000 years old?

  • Tim J

    Steven, just before a millionaire, radical, jihadist, suicide bomber trips the detonator to splatter their body parts all over a crowded market place, hotel or bus, are they contemplating an “idea” or is it that someone scared them, bribed them, threatened their family or convinced them that this manifestation of their hate was the ultimate devotion necessary to gain eternal bliss with Allah?

  • One reason we assist them with the fight over there is that if/when it ends by us quitting and them winning, the fight comes here.

  • Tim J

    The “fight” is already here, which is evident in this thread by those rationalizing and explaining reasons why jihadists want to kill them, and those who want to exterminate them.

  • MD Russ

    An Islamic millionaire goes out on a suicide mission in his brand new Volkswagen Jetta…

  • SWilliams

    Turbo – the “fight em over thar so we dont have to figh em here” slogan was retired with many other faux reasons during the Bush debacle years.

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