As Governor, George Allen cut taxes by $600 million

In contrast, that’s about the amount Tim Kaine tried to raise them. Except for the billion vs. million part.

Politifact rates Allen’s claim as true: George Allen says he cut $600 million in taxes as governor

Our ruling:

George Allen said more than $600 million in taxes were cut during his governorship.

We came up with $676.1 million in cuts, although we should point out that some of these reductions took place over six years. Allen, however, never qualified the time period for the tax cuts. And he arguably could have added other reductions to his list.

We rate his statement True.

In stark contrast, Tim Kaine did everything he could to raise taxes by an estimated $4 (Politifact) to $6 (Allen’s esimate) BILLION.

That’s Bee-Eye-Double-El-Eye-Oh-En!!!!!

Thankfully because he was out on the Obama cheerleading circuit as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Kaine was only a part time Governor.

I shudder to think what he would’ve tried if he actually showed up for work all the time.

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