Perry out of presidential race — UPDATED

Rick Perry has a news conference scheduled for 11:00 this morning and word is he will be dropping out of the presidential race, according to the Wall Street Journal:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is dropping his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, people familiar with his decision said. He is set to announce his decision at 11 a.m. Thursday, two days before the South Carolina primary.

Some conservative leaders, aiming to stop the momentum of Mitt Romney, had urged Mr. Perry to bow out and to help rally conservative voters around another candidate.

Word is that Perry is expected to back Newt Gingrich.

<b>UPDATED:</b> As expected, Perry bowed out of the presidential race in a speech in Charleston, SC. On the way out, he threw his support behind Gingrich who is facing his own issues with an interview coming out from his ex-wife that is described as being potentially damaging to Gingrich’s campaign.

Tonight’s CNN debate will feature only four candidates: Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul.

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell

  • Steve Vaughan

    Given Perry’s record of ineptitude in this campaign, I’m not sure I’d want his endorsement. He has the reverse Midas touch.

  • thomas conway

    politics as usual.. its about selling out and positioning one self – they are all just props and pawns in a charade to make the electorate feel as if they even have a choice… luckily we DO have a choice for a REAL candidate with REAL solutions, who doesn’t sell out at the drop of the hat and who doesn’t change his stance on the issues to suit timely political gain – you know who i’m talking about – and if you guessed Romney, G(ett)ingrich, or Santorum, guess again

  • Although Romneys offshore funds may be legal, there is a presumtion among the masses that offshore holdings are used by filthy rich guys to avoid paying taxes on those investments when distributions are made.. Nothing says “This is a rich mans game” better than hiding dollars in an offshore “retirement account”. This will go over with time.. like lead balloons.

  • MD Russ

    thomas conway,

    Uh, Lyndon LaRouche?

  • MD Russ

    Oh, I got it. Ralph Nader!

  • Steve Vaughan

    Turbo: You’re right. “Cayman Island Accouts” are what drug kingpins…and rich guys trying to avoid taxes …have. That, along with his “not very” much income from speaking fees that is about ten times what the average American makes, his paying taxes at a lower rate than I do and his reluctance to release his tax returns all add up to a bad week for Romney. Really, his first bad week of the campaign.

  • MD Russ

    Santorum and The Newtster will be out after Florida. (I can’t wait until we no longer have to watch that creepy Stepford Wife of his next to the podium.) By Super Tuesday the fact that only Romney and Paul are on the Virginia ballot will be a moot point.

  • Steve Vaughan

    MD: You are probably right. But I hope not, just for the entertainment value.

  • MD Russ

    And Ron Paul will be out of the Republican race after Super Tuesday.

  • Steve Vaughan

    MD: Which doesn’t, of course, mean that he’s totally out of the race.

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