NoVa Dems call rest of Virginia stupid

I’m so glad we have Northern Virginia Democrats and the Washington Post, since according to them, they are the only smart people in Virginia.

“Northern Virginia senators also worry about their ability to block legislation on social issues that play very differently in the more racially diverse, better-educated and liberal Washington suburbs than in more rural parts of the state.” (WaPo)

WOW! So if you aren’t in Northern Virginia, Democrats think you are an uneducated racist?

I’d like to know how many elected Democrats agree with that. Of the few elected Democrats that are left outside of Northern Virginia, do you agree?

Or is this your next campaign ad?

  • JZ

    The Senate Dems pretend that half of the voters voted for them, but that is hardly the case. I wonder if the more racially diverse part is true. They may have more hispanics. Might be interesting to check census data.

  • Peter Sperry

    NOVA politicians and the WAPO have long dreamed of uniting the golden crescent running from Arlington through Richmond to Virginia Beach in an urban/suburban coalition to bargain with the rest of the state on various issues. Every time they make foot in mouth statements like this one, they just encourage Tidewater and Richmond to work with the Southwest and the Valley rather than NOVA.

  • Taking off any conservative hat and looking at this totally from the self-interest of Hampton Roads, our path does not reside with DC.

    With the port of Virginia, we need a strong connection to Richmond and points west.

    With solid transportation lines to Richmond, the western part of the state and internally into the country, we can have an extremely profound economy without including the monolithic, bureaucratic, behemoth that is known as Washington, DC.

  • If the “townhall” I went to (and recorded) yesterday, with Del. Scott Surovell, Sen. Adam Ebbin, and Sen.Toddy Puller is another indication – yes, the voters of NoVA are uneducated racists. In fact, they (most especially Puller, whom the other two kowtow to) seem to think all voters are uneducated racists.

  • Anonymous

    Their response to “Fake Virginia”?

  • Jumping Jack

    Let’s just see how that “better education” suites them when the Federal Government goes belly up with debt, and D.C. isn’t around to fund their federal job. They’ll be wishing they had more Austrian economics taught at their progressive university then.

  • Gregory Honeycutt (formerly, Edward of Huncote)

    “Uneducated”? Someone should remind the upstate Dems – education is no substitute for intelligence. It’s often contrary to it. “Racists”? Baloney. They have plenty of those up there too.

  • LittleDavid


    You stated:

    “With solid transportation lines to Richmond, the western part of the state and internally into the country, we can have an extremely profound economy…”

    Well how are we going to get these solid transportation lines if we’re going to be charging trucks as much as a buck and a half a mile in tolls (toll rate under consideration for trucks for the proposed US-460 corridor toll road) to get to Richmond from here? That is going to strangle our regions economy, not stimulate it.

    What gets me is I have an elected Republican in the Senate by the name of Wagner who not only participates in the rush to toll roads, he’s leading the charge. Wagner thinks the remedy for suffocation is to apply a choke hold.

  • Tim J

    This sentiment isn’t only held by NOVA Democrats, there are a lot of so-called Independents and RINO conservatives who have the same view of the rest of Virginia. They have to bring several boxes of KimWipes and hand sanitizers with them for personal protection whenever they absolutely have to leave their egalitarian enclaves to do the Church Lady “superior dance” for the great unwashed in the Virginia hinterlands.

  • LD –
    Tolls are not the answer. I agree with you.

    The more I study the problem, the more I cannot agree with tolls to pay for public roads…especially if we desire to advance commerce.

    Either a regional or statewide gas tax for roads makes the most economical sense.

  • MD Russ


    Great comment. We have not raised the gas tax in Virginia since Ronald Reagan was President and unleaded gas was $1 per gallon. I have voted against several otherwise qualified Republicans in the past few years because of their hardcore no-tax-increase pledges.

    TANSTAAFL. If we want first class schools then we have to pay property taxes, even if we don’t have children in school. Education is a social responsibility that we all benefit from. Similarly, if we want a first class transportation network then we have to pay fuel taxes. It provides an economic advantage that we all benefit from.

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