Rasmussen: 26% haven’t started Christmas shopping

Yikes! According to Rasmussen polling, a quarter of Americans have waited until the week of Christmas to begin their gift shopping. The National Retail Federation reported that many people are later doing their shopping this year than usual.

With six shopping days left until Christmas, those looking for a particulars something may find the pickings slim or non-existent at this late date. However, if all you need is a generic gift, there’s sure to be something out there for everyone.

Since Christmas falls on Sunday this year, the crunch will hit on December 23 and 24 — Friday and Saturday. Last-minute elves will be rushing to and fro looking for something — anything! — to fill the stockings and check off the list, and they may be in luck if they wait until the absolute last-last minute.

USA Today reported that a spokesman at the Mall of America said stores are often not as busy on Christmas Eve because shoppers are visiting with family. They added that ” ‘retailers usually do their markdowns the evening before a sale,’ which in this case would be for the after-Christmas sale. Besides, with Dec. 24 falling on a Saturday, there’s an extra non-workday to shop.”

Christmas Eve hours for many store are listed here. Target is open until 9:00 pm.  Wal-Mart closes at 8:00 pm, Toys ‘R Us closes at 10:00, and some Walgreens are open 24 hours.

If you’ve still got shopping to do, better hop to! Merry Christmas and ho-ho-ho!

Cross-posted at LynnRMitchell.com

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