So I Guess All These Zombie Depictions Are Bad, Too?

RPV decided to condemn the Loudoun GOP’s collection of Democratic zombie pictures after the Washington Post (friend to conservatives everywhere) decided to score some cheap hits courtesy of Too Conservative (equal friend to conservatives everywhere).

So I guess the Loudoun GOP taking a cue from liberal portrayals of George Bush as a zombie was a bad idea, eh?


Tried to find when the Washington Post decided to equally condemn such depictions of President Bush… and didn’t have much luck.  Gee — wonder why that is?

People need to grow up and lighten up — ASAP.

UPDATE:  Oh, and just in case you’re truly offended about images depicting public figures being shot, may I remind you of this fun little game?

Double standards.  Without ’em, the liberals wouldn’t have any standards at all…

UPDATE x2:  Just to give you a bit of background when liberals did this to conservatives, let’s see how this particular media outlet characterized the reaction to “Tea Party Zombies Must Die”:

Manufactured outrage was turned up in unison yesterday evening as the right wing of the Internet became aware of the existence of an online video game called Tea Party Zombies Must Die.


UPDATE x3:  Need some screenshots before they go away?  The Daily Caller has ’em.

UPDATE x4:  …and just because people with common sense are asking “what picture?” I did a handy-dandy little Google search and came across the offending pic:

Does that look like a bullet hole to you?

Or just your typical zombie sloughing off flesh?

Check the rest of them out here.  Don’t worry… there’s Obama zombies, McCain zombies, zombies of people eating limbs, babies, etc.  Meanwhile, folks at Virginia Virtucon and NOVA Common Sense are, well… flipping out over… you know… that picture up top.

…that’s been around for the past three years or so…

…alongside President Bush zombie pictures for eight years before that…

I’m not even saying I like these pictures, or condone them.  Heck — I think it’s a stupid frickin’ meme to take every public figure and turn them into a zombie.  The whole zombie craze — games, books, comics, blah blah blah… just a sign of the downfall of American culture.  Pick up a real damn book, please.

That having been said — it still doesn’t excuse the manufactured controversy when Rethugs… er, Republicans are made to look like this routinely by the left.