OP-ED: True Conservative Mickey Chohany for VA01 State Senate

The following is an op-ed from former 3rd District Chairman Mike Wade.  Opinions expressed here are his own.

On November 8th, 2011 a relative handful of people will go to the polls to cast their vote for Delegate and State Senate. In the 1st Senate District of Virginia General Assembly the process is being threatened by a small group of people who for lack of better words are totally lost.

These folks are pushing a write in campaign against the Republican nominee Mickey Chonany.

Their misguided purpose is not to defeat Democrat John Miller and strip his Party of the majority in the Senate but one of a personal vendetta steeped in the loss of my dear friend Tricia Stall and Stall not being on the ballot. Most if it not all of these disenchanted zealots where not even politically active in 2007.

As a major player in Stall’s primary and general election campaign I believe I can speak fluently and with an introspective view on the subject. I still remember sitting on Tricia’s pier at their vacation home with her husband Mark asking her to run and leaving with an affirmative answer.

I only wish that all of my newly found Patriots would have been present then, as the election was decided by less than a 370 vote margin. But they were not present, Tricia did not pursue the nomination (much to my chagrin) this time and we have a CONSERVATIVE on the ballot representing the Republican Party.

Our candidate has been deemed by this band of naysayers a RINO, a hand picked errand boy, blah, blah blah.

Granted a small group of Republican Leaders joined together to interview and find the right man. I was part of that process and I am proud that we were able to get behind Mickey with no intra party squabble.

I have known Mickey for years as a successful small businessman and later in the political arena. I applauded his stand with me and others against HB3202, he is a true conservative. If taking Caucus support makes him a RINO then why is Stall not viewed the same, she used resources from the Caucus.

In 2009, we started our year bonded together to save the official Party of conservative values. That bond continued leading to one of the greatest Victories for conservative principles ever. Now with the election 38 days away and the need for all to rally behind Mickey this band of anarchist seek to throw the election to Miller.

In 2007, it is said that Rinos killed Stall and yet now the same short sighted political maneuvers are going to make history repeat itself.

I ask all that are engaged in this process to remember Benjamin Franklin as he tempered Adams and Jefferson by reminding them that, “politics is the art of the possible.”

If these folks can look at them selves proudly if their mission succeeds the I hope they enjoy watching John Miller on his soap box campaigning in 2012 for Barack Obama and Timmy Kaine! This nonsense should stop and if it doesn’t, well it shoulkd be disregarded as nothing more than a personal vendetta. Our State and Nation deserve better, our children’s future deserves better.

The choice is clear on November 8th in my mind, Mickey Chonany.


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