On the air with Bill Bolling, Scott Rigell and Jim Bacon

On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

Virginia’s 2nd District congressman, Scott Rigell, updates us on the debt ceiling negotiations and, interestingly enough, why he voted against the repeal of the “light bulb law” — would you believe there’s a 10th Amendment issue with the repeal bill? And in a throw-back moment to the GOP class of 1994, Rigell tells Scott Lee why he’s keen to get out of DC and back home as often as possible.

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, Virginia’s Chief Jobs Creation Officer, addresses Virginia’s $311 million surplus and how much more it may grow when unspent money and budget savings are fully accounted. The surplus was attributed to an increase in income tax collections, which reflects more Virginians at work, verified by the commonwealth’s relatively low unemployment rate. But what about sales tax revenue? Consumer strength drives the economy. Are Virginians hoarding their cash or back to buying?

Also, the LG will update us on the jobs picture in the Old Dominion and how he thinks Washington will eventually solve the debt limit stalemate. Will they “Cut, Cap and Balance”? Or “Grand Bargain”? If they don’t, will Virginia’s AAA bond rating be a symbiotic casualty? Plus, Scott and Mr. Bolling talk a bit about those all-important legislative elections coming up this November.

And sticking with our taxing, spending and borrowing theme, “Boomergeddon” author and Bacon’s Rebellion publisher Jim Bacon joins me to talk about the debt ceiling dance and the strong medicine that’s really required to cure the nation’s fiscal ills.

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