Va Ag Commissioner Matt Lohr’s wife, Andrea, loses battle with cancer

Andrea Lohr, 36, wife of Virginia’s Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Matt Lohr, beat breast cancer twice, in 2006 and 2007, but not the third time.

Mrs. Lohr’s battle ended Sunday, and an announcement by the family noted, “Earlier today our beloved Andrea was called home to see her Lord and savior Jesus Christ. The entire family wishes to say thanks to everyone for all their support throughout this painful journey. We will share service details as they become available. Again thanks for your prayers, encouragement, and inspiring messages. God bless!”

A mom of two, Mrs. Lohr’s children were six years old and 18 months old when she was first diagnosed, and her husband was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates.

During the years, Mrs. Lohr became an advocate for breast cancer research, giving of her time to raise money and awareness of the cause including a dinner at James Madison University:

[Mrs.] Lohr underwent radiation treatment and surgery to have the cancer removed in 2006. Matt Lohr said his wife inspires him because she keeps a positive attitude and keeps on fighting.

“Before 2006, breast cancer was just something I had heard of,” said Matt, who represents the central Valley’s 26th district in the House of Delegates. “For our family, breast cancer’s become a part of our life.”

In the fall of 2007, [Mrs.] Lohr was diagnosed with the disease again, and once more had surgery and radiation treatment. “My kids are what kept me going,” Lohr said, adding that her family has gotten a lot of support.

[Mrs.] Lohr, who will have major surgery on Tuesday to fight the recurrence, said the biggest lesson she’s learned is to appreciate every day she’s alive. “I’m smiling because the cancer has not gone anywhere else,” she said. “Just be thankful you have a breath to take today.”

Our prayers are with Matt and the family as they face the difficult days ahead.

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  • Ann Flandermeyer

    Andrea was one of the sweetest, most positive people I knew. She and Matt are such precious people. I know her passing leaves a giant hole in the lives of all who knew her, but her suffering is over and now she celebrates with Jesus. Prayers to the Lohr family.

  • SE VA MWC Alum

    God bless the Lohr family. Only 36 years old-very sad indeed.

  • Jim Hewitt

    Our prayers go out to the Lohr family as well. One thing we all have in common these days is someone passing from this horrible disease. Hold fast to family and friends and never forget people are praying for all across our Commonwealth!!

  • Diane Lange

    Prayers for the family

  • Steve Brown, National FFA Advisor

    The entire FFA family will miss Andrea and her zeal for life. Our deepest sympathy to the Lohr Family.

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