Radtke Steps Aside as Chair of Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation

Yesterday, The Washington Post reported that Jamie Radtke would not be running again for another term as Chairman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation. It is rumored that Radtke is looking to run for U.S. Senate in 2012. Radtke has been seriously looking at the race, and has begun talking to business leaders, as well as tea party activists. Radtke also won our recent polling contest.

If Radtke decides to run for U.S. Senate, she would be joining a field of possible contenders that include former Senator George Allen, State Delegate Bob Marshall, Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart, and Bert Mizusawa. The Washington Post also reported that former Rep. Tom Davis is also rumored to be considering a run as well.

There is no doubt that 2012 looks like it will be a crowded primary field.

  • A crowded field is just the ticket to put Allen in office.. If the contenders have the guts to get together and work out a way to narrow down to one, Allen can be defeated.. There is no other way.. Anything less and we might as well congratulate the establishment for pulling it off again..

  • HisRoc

    Didn’t the Republican party learn anything from the Joe Miller and Christina O’Donnell train wrecks? Are you folks bound and determined to reelect Jim Webb?

    And forget about George Allen. He has about as much of a chance as Jim Gilmore did against Warner.

    Just a not-so-humble opinion from an Independent.

  • Steven Osborne


    Jamie Radtke used to work for then Governor Allen and as an aide to Jesse Helms. She has significant experience and is not a poltical lightweight. She has shown tremendous political savvy as the Chairwoman of the Virginia TEA Party Federation.

  • HisRoc


    I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but George Allen and Jesse Helms don’t exactly resonate with the moderate voters in Virginia who elected Mark Warner over Mark Earley, Tim Kaine over Jerry Kilgore, Mark Warner over Jim Gilmore, and Jim Webb over George Allen. Yes, Bob McDonnell won easily in 2009, but Jim Webb is no Creigh Deeds.

    My point is that Virginia is neither a red nor blue state, given the voter demographics of Hampton Roads, Richmond metro, and NoVa versus the rest of the state. Any statewide candidate is going to have to be able to pull moderate Independent votes. Jamie Radtke isn’t that candidate, regardless of whether she is a political heavyweight (what elected office has she held?) or a neophyte.

  • BERT 2012

  • I think HisRoc is brilliant because I agree with him so much. However I thought O’Donnell was a Republican?
    Since even Mark Warner is now for lower taxes and smaller government, I am sure that all Republican candidates will say the same thing.
    If Bert’s wife works for the federal reserve then I would need to know more before I could support him.
    I will refuse to vote in any Republican primary for at least 2 years.
    Right now I am more then willing to give everyone the freedom to convince me that they are the best candidate.
    Some people say the the Chinese Communist Party capitalists have been less then truthful about the performance of the Chinese economy even to the extent that the “China Bubble” may burst soon. The CCP wants to stop rising real estate prices without a decrease in construction activity. Go for it CCP.

  • What successes does her organization have? The Tea Party Patriots failed in Virginia in terms of flexing electoral muscle. Both Scott Rigell and Robert Hurt were candidates backed by the establishment. Only Keith Fimian was a tea party primary day success. So I don’t understand where people think she somehow is this huge political force when in Virginia, it was establishmnet guyes like Hurt, Rigell, and Morgan Griffith that won congressional seats.

  • HisRoc

    James H.,

    Yes, O’Donnell is a Republican, as is Joe Miller, at least titularly. They both won the Republican primaries with Tea Party backing which they strongly embraced. Same story with Sharon Angle in Nevada, if I’m not mistaken.

    I’m not aware of anyone who ran on the Tea Party ticket with a Republican opponent. Hear in Virginia, the Tea Party was threatening to run its own candidate in VA-5, but thought better of it. Anyone else know of one?

  • HisRoc

    Sorry, “here in Virginia”

  • Jay D

    James, here’s the back-story: during the D2 primary season Karen Hurd (and others), tried the following political tactic: The Fed is our enemy … Yvonee Mizusuawa works for the Fed…ergo, General Mizusawa is tainted, or unable to form unbiased, independent, and intelligent opinion (regarding Fed issues).

    Silly and dishonest then; silly and dishonest now. The facts are:
    -Yvonne Mizusawa is one of 1800+ people employed by the Federal Reserve.
    -She is a senior council (note to Karen, “council” defined as: A lawyer or group of lawyers giving legal advice and especially conducting a case in court).
    -She is attorney of record defending Fed (her employer) against several FOIA lawsuits.
    -She is not a member of the Board of Governors, the FMOC, or employed in any policy setting capacity.

    Outside of rendering a legal opinion, Mrs. Mizusawa has about as much influence on Fed policy as a Fed junior lawyer, receptionist, typist, or Ben Benanke’s chauffeur. However, published qualifications for Fed lawyer do include: “The Board … prefers applicants with excellent scholastic records, including law review experience and involvement in areas related to the Board’s responsibilities”; so one could reasonably conclude (from her current employment) she is sharp, intelligent, accomplished, and likely very good at her job.

    Feel free to do your own research, but this “charge” is just more HRTP leader-driven crap that keeps a wide distance between TP supporters (like myself) and the HRTP. Karen speaks for Karen, not the membership.

  • I’m just a little puzzled about how the Tea Party structures itself in Virginia… I thought the point was to be grassroots activists and not have elected chairmen and what not… at least that’s been my experience with it…

    Allen has proven himself to be the only electable candidate who has expressed interest, other than Mizusawa. Stewart, Marhsall and this aide to Jessee Helms are our ticket to a Webb victory…

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