Stanley to run for State Senate

Bill Stanley, Chairman of the GOP’s Fifth District Congressional Committee, will be running for the State Senate to replace Congressman-elect Robert Hurt. It is our understanding that the Democrats are not fielding a candidate at this time (Update: Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors Chairman Hank Davis may be interested…more to follow).

However, Bill is expecting at least one, if not more, names to come out for the R nod, where they expect a three week nominating process.

Via Bruce Hedrick of Southside-Central and WMDV-TV (Danville):

Danny Marshall has said “No”, Don Merricks said “I’d like to, but I can’t while running a business”, and Charles Poindexter said “I’d do better in the House for my area”. Kathy Byron hasn’t returned a call.

Fred Shanks (Danville City Councilman) is looking for something much bigger… he’s got something planned soon.

Of course, if Stanley does get the nod, that will make determining the new 5th District Chair an interesting topic for discussion too.