VPOD 97: Cantor, Bolling, Morrissey, Polls, and Golden

Podcast notes:
The president came to town
The president visited Richmond, Va. on Wednesday, Sept 29, 2010. He was greeted by Rep. Eric Cantor (1:04) and Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (3:04). Did the president learn anything or was he just amused by AFP-Virginia (4:06)?

ABC Privatization reveals the Dems true colors
Just like it’s hard to get Democrats to change their stripes nationally, we shouldn’t expect anything different here in the Commonwealth. Del. Joe Morrissey, Democratic Whip, illustrates. In this clip, we hear why he wants to keep ABC (5:34), wants a referendum (6:31), and wants a gas tax (7:34).
(h/t: NoblesTV)

Polls irritate Perriello (10:19)
In the 5th District, Rep. Tom Perriello doesn’t like the data. If I were him, I wouldn’t either. See also:

Is Ken Golden breaking a promise? (13:59)
We have audio of Ken Golden’s June press conference where he talks about making a decision in September about staying in the race and what his parameters for making that decision are.

Sabato calling VA2 and VA5 as “leaning” Republican (16:54)