Freedom Fest with Palin, Allen, Sekulow, North, Greenwood, and Rigell!

Freedom 1650AM in Hampton Roads is sponsoring tonight “Freedom Fest” with Keynote Speaker Sarah Palin!

Bearing Drift is pleased to provide you floor-level coverage and behind-the-scenes access all night as Palin, Former Gov. George Allen, ACLJ’s Jay Sekulow, Lt. Col. Oliver North, Exodus Faith Ministry’s Bishop E.W. Jackson, Lee Greenwood, and 2nd Congressional District GOP nominee Scott Rigell talk about the importance of the conservative movement and how to advance the cause!

Check out the live-blog:

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  • Jessica Sandlin

    Surprised it took so long for you to be kicked out- transparency is not the name of their game. 🙁

  • Courtney

    Well you kind of seemed rude. Did you break the rules? Was there a no pictures or live blogging rule and you guys broke it? I have seen in several reports that Sarah doesn’t allow media but this has never been true. It’s just been that the media has to pay like everyone else. You are there in the building so it’s not like she’s not being transparent. You just may have to write about the event after it is over. Hardly seems like not being transparent. Hope to read a professional write up of the story.

  • Uffda

    If there was a no media policy, than I certainly don’t feel sorry for you. Your choice to break the rules.

  • Jessica Sandlin

    J.R.- you instantly found trolls! I’m amazed at the lightning speed! (They obviously know you for the lawbreaker-type you are, you rebel, you.)

  • Well it is no wonder that she doesn’t allow media, with all she’s had to put up with the last few years. But if all you were doing was taking some pics and texting, how would they even know you were media, especially if you bought a ticket like everyone else. What I really want to know is did Rigell ever end up speaking, and what exactly did he say. Of course an event such as this is going to be very rah-rah, they always are, I just hope there was SOME substance to the speeches, with ticket prices being so high. Great blog, can’t wait to read your write up.

  • James

    What are people talking about? There are long video clips, some over 10 minutes long, of Sarah Palin’s speech at the Oil Palace. Here is just one of them…
    So what is the problem? Secrecy? What secrecy… they allowed a number of TV outlets to tape the event, so what is this Hoeft guy bitching about? sounds a little suspicious to me… he is from Virginia and went to Tyler, Texas to attend speech? he isn’t a Romney plant, is he? you know, that Romney guy who buys his own book in bulk to bump up his sales figures and had his Romney campaign staff who went on McCain’s compaign during the election and badmouthed Palin all the way during and after the election… you know, that scumball pretend conservative.

  • uh, james? Palin is in VA tonight, at ODU, Old Dominion University, in Norfolk, VA. oh, and crack kills. just sayin.

  • James

    I really apologize… posted here what should have been posted elsewhere…

    what I really wanted to post here was something that made me ask?

    are Virginia Republicans are a little weird? do they know what party they belong to?

    “Rigell, who during the 2008 presidential campaign donated $1,000 to Barack Obama.”

    hmmmm are these the Republicans you want to vote for? guy donates to Obama? has anyone asked if he donated to McCain Palin?

  • Rude? We were at the event at the request of the event’s organizers.

    Then, with no warning, as soon as the speech began, it was “lights out” for us and all I was doing was taking a couple photos and live-blogging the event.

    Other media were present taking notes and there were cameras all over the Convocation Center.

    We were told at the beginning we could live-blog and take photos, just not stream or record the speech in its entirety – and I had no problem with that policy.

    However, I will say this, if she plans on running for president, she ought not to be concerned about a couple of former pro-Palin bloggers!

  • Kathy Mateer

    Terri Rigell did a good job speaking for Scott. She is an awesome woman and she should be on the ticket.

  • Lyle

    Jessica Sandlin was busy at home reading a blog tonight as opposed to attending FreedomFest – She didn’t want to go due to the fact she disagrees with most of the Conservative values espoused by the speakers.

  • honestyinGov

    Hey ufffda..that ‘ No media policy ‘ I guess is different than the one that was claimed to be ” Media allowed ” when in effect at CSU the other night. They put the Fox News station in a room outside where the speech was going on… and they shot the Video by recording of the picture from a projection TV. Those are Palin Rules fer ya. ” Media allowed “… THAT’s FUNNY!!
    Loved the off mic quotes though.. THOSE were good. the speech.. not so much.


    There have been several events where Palin has spoken that have strictly forbidden media. It was not a matter of them getting in for free, they were not allowed to purchase tickets.

    For someone who cries about transparency and open government, what is she hiding from? If she wants to run in 2012, she’s going to have to come out from behind Facebook, Twitter and FOX. The American people will not tolerate a candidate who refuses to speak to them. However, if she tries to run like this, then they will simply ignore her just as the great majority have been doing and still do. Favorability ratings are dropping, unfavorable ratings are increasing.

    As for her speaking ability, she needs a new speech writer who knows their facts. Reagan did not attend college in Eureka, Ca but in Eureka, IL. He is also not to be credited for the “shining city on a hill”, that award would go to John Winthrop who said it over 300 years ago and also spoke about “America’s exceptionalism” at the same time, not Abraham Lincoln.

    To speak at a university and not allow the university’s paper to cover the event is reprehensible. What is $arah Palin afraid of?? That’s what everyone wants to know. If she can’t handle the media, she certainly can’t handle public office. Oh, that’s right, she QUIT public office.

  • James

    Posted from the website… the truth:

    “A blogger for the “Bearing Drift” blog claims that he was “kicked out by the Palin people” at the Freedom Fest that concluded a couple of hours ago. Unless it was Willow Palin who kicked you out, it was not the “Palin people” as she did not have any one from her staff with her other than her daughter.

    I’ll tentatively agree with the blogger that it wasn’t a good idea by the Freedom Fest people to kick out an ally. However, the blogger should not cast blame on a party that wasn’t even in attendance.”

  • James "turbo" Cohen

    A journalist from US magazine sat behind us and took notes.. she apparently also got the boot from the area where the media were supposed to be hosted..

  • James,
    All I know is that someone came by and said that I could only be there for the first five minutes of her speech – and they came by several times in the five minutes to tell us to “clean up”.

    This happened with none of the other speakers.

    Call me a liar all you want – but it seems that this was Palin directed – whether it was “her people” or not.

    I should have gotten a name and affiliation. Sorry.

  • James “turbo” Cohen

    That timing coincides with the writer that relocated to our group. Will post her article if I see it.

  • section9

    AKRNC-We’ve gone through Palin’s speech at CSUS. Please stop spreading Urban Legends. She did not claim that Eureka College was in California. Now back to HuffPo with you.

  • GinaM

    Um Section9 you might want to rethink that Urban Legend statement. She clearly says it on the video that is posted on CONSERVATIVES4PALIN. I’m sure you are familiar with that site. Here is the link and make sure you listen to the video she says at the 4:40 sec mark. Very clearly she says
    “Uh, the Golden State, always being nice to be here and uh always feeling such a connection here a special place in my heart is California uh because this is Regan country and YEAH and perhaps it was destiny that the man who went to California’s Eureka College would become so woven within and inter-linked to the Golden State…”

    Con4P link:

  • Sparsam


    This is what I heard:

    “…because this is Reagan country and yeah and perhaps it was destiny that the man who went to California’s Eureka College would become so woven within and inter-linked to the Golden State…”


    Section 9, C4P can deny all they want that she said it, can cover their ears and lie about it to their heart’s content. The truth is there on the video for anyone to listen to. “California’s Eureka College” were the exact words Palin used. Now, who is using “urban legends”??

    It’s so sad that people idolize this woman to the point where they cannot admit what is right in front of them. It’s pitiful.

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  • bev

    cry baby…

  • Canus

    She is a private citizen, she was there with her daughter Willow. It’s a private affair, but you think you have special priviligies. Grow up

  • steve vaughan

    Wow. The Palindrones really pay attention to their Google alerts, don’t they? Don’t worry J.R., she’s not running in 2012. She’s just trying to make the most money she can out of unlikely brush with history.

  • It was pretty funny at the time to me. Sarah was giving boilerplate rhetoric from a written speech. Nothing wrong with that, but what is there to fear by having someone type online some reactions to what you’re saying?

    They didn’t kick out the press. They made bloggers from the biggest conservative blog in the state shut down laptops.

    We had been told “no video and no audio” – big deal. All I was doing was typing an occasional comment, mostly about what the crowd reaction was.

    Palin’s rules, and make no mistake about it, they were her rules as a contracted speaker, made her look like Nixon in drag.

    It’s one thing to slap the “lamestream media” and they deserve it. But this was a bit heavyhanded to tell two volunteers with keyboards to stop typing.

  • James

    Well, I think we might have had a little sympathy for you being confronted by staff at the place, not Sarah Palin or her “people” if you would have been as quick to defend her all through the left wing and liberal attacks that started when she was chosen V/P candidate and then continued after the election.
    Were you loud and supportive when she left office? can you remind us of your comments then?
    For some reason, I remember a lot of silence from the so-called important eastern Republican bloggers and so-called important eastern establishment Republicans.
    Can you remind us of all the supportive blogs and comments you made during the last two years supporting Palin as she supported and fought for the Conservative movement?
    So, if Palin supporters seem a little defensive at times, it comes with the territory…. since we are still pulling Republican knives out of her back.
    Quit the crying.

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  • James,
    You’re proving that you don’t regularly read this blog and making assertions you have no idea about.

  • James

    Well, JR Hoeft, it took me 20 seconds to find this little tidbit on your site… you are JR Hoeft are you not?

    Palin to resign
    JR Hoeft | Jul 03, 2009 | Comments 9

    I’m dumbfounded.

    She either got real bad advice, her heart’s not in it, or she’s an idiot. None of those possibilities strike me as especially positive to her future electoral possibilities.

  • Hey “James”, could you be more full of shit?

    There’s this magic little thing called a search box that you might want to check out, and maybe look at the following posts:
    “The left and Sarah Palin: Now they’re just being mean” -Brain Kirwin

    “If She Can Kill A Moose…” -Jason Kenney

    “A “Clarification” But No “Correction”” -Jason Kenney

    ““Palin must be destroyed”” -JR Hoeft

  • James, kiss my sweeeeeeet ass.

    I was on TV repeatedly defending Sarah Palin during the campaign. Were you?

  • Yea…and I stand by that assessment.

    Resigning from her duties as governor to pursue an economic windfall is opportunism if I ever saw it.

    I thought that perhaps it might be for a U.S. Senate run, but that was not to be – it was for speaking engagements, Fox News appearances, and a book tour.

    She abandoned her post and she thinks she’ll get the presidential nod? Don’t think so.

    Besides, did you bother to read what we wrote about her in 2008? And don’t cherry-pick what some of our Democratic colleagues wrote (we were experimenting with a bi-partisan blog).

  • steve vaughan

    Brian K: You’ll never be forgiven for giving the me the mental image of Nixon in drag. That’s just cruel;-)
    Besides, Palin’s really more Cruella Deville anyway.

  • And that was the phrase i was most proud of..

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  • steve vaughan
  • Gary

    People live blog from Palin events all of the time. Hell, there are always 4 or 5 live tweeting from every event.

    What were the bloggers here up to?

    This sounds like a made up deal to A, get your blog some attention, and B, take a shot at Palin.

    It’s seems from looking at other stories about Palin on this blog that you have a habit of just making things up about her.

  • Gary,
    You’re evidently not looking hard enough at our complete body of work on Palin. We have a lot of respect for her and would have very much enjoyed being able to continue live blogging the event.

    There is nothing “made up” about this. There’s no reason to.

    1) We don’t need attention
    2) We don’t want to take a shot at Palin

  • steve vaughan

    JR: It’s hilarious that the Palindrone think you guys are part of the liberal media conspiracy against her;-)
    Hell, I’m pretty sure she makes Brian feel all tingly;-)

  • me

    James, stop drinking the cool-aid. Palin is a know-nothing oppurtunist, not a standard-bearer. She is scared to death of real transparency because she can never speak a whole paragraph without making something up. And no, she should not be lauded for quitting the only real position of power (mayor of Wasilla doesn’t count) she has ever held. Get over it, we need real conservatives in the Republican party with real ideas not reactionary morons who simply try to win the daily news cycles.

  • TimPundit

    I see conservative bloggers are now seeing what the rest of us saw a long time ago.

    She’s simply a grifter, a know-nothing and a bully.

    Welcome to the Real Sarah Palin. Nominate her and the GOP is dead.

  • me

    Damn right Tim (though you seem to want the GOP finished – my mistake if I’m reading you wrong), you want to ensure the democrat party has a majority from 2012 on then run that idiot for president and make her the face of our party. THat’s about the only thing that could get me voting third party againt Obama. Oh, and can we do something about Mike Pence (complete idiot – trust me I know).

  • km

    I think the official policy is that they have to actually witness you drinking the Kool-Aid at the entrance gate.

  • SpaceCat75

    “Hope to read a professional write up of the story.”
    Courtney, that’s the point. There won’t be a write up of any kind because Palin’s minders THREW THEM OUT.
    She’s a joke, and as a lifelong liberal, I pray you guys nominate her in 2012. Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!

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  • Wake up

    Sarah Palin is a liar, hypocrite, ignoramus and FRAUD. This is fact.

    The sooner you realize that, the better your life will be.

  • Mike Barrett

    Well yes, that about sums it up. Since that seems to be the consensus of most conservatives, why did Scott Ridgell’s firm sponsor this event? If the bulk of so called real conservatives feel that she is simply out for the money, why provide her a platform?

  • Kathy Mateer

    Mike, I don’t think Palin is simply out for the money, I think she is a conservative Republican. According to her legal defense fund:

    It states:
    * The National Democratic Committee used its Alaska chapter, the Alaska Democratic Party (ADP), to create a website with one stated goal: “Keep Sarah Palin Out of Public Office.” To this day, the Democrats use this website to publicly seek donations for funding bogus “legal challenges involving issues related to Sarah Palin.”
    * The ADP’s “Keep Sarah Palin Out of Public Office” campaign used our own legal system to sponsor more than two dozen ethics complaints against Governor Palin. Out of the 27 complaints, 26 were dismissed!
    * The so-called “independent counsel” who started this investigation was an attorney from President Barack Obama’s law firm.

    Alaska is perhaps the only state in the U.S. where the Attorney General does not routinely represent the governor when accusations and complaints are filed against the governor under the operative ethics statutes. This means that the governor has to personally pay for her or his own defense.

    If she has to pay for her own defense from these frivolous lawsuits thrown against her from NDC and ADP, she needs to get the money somewhere. At least she’s working for it.

  • EmeraldKnight

    How shady a Governor do you have to be that they were able to come up with 27 things that even MIGHT have been unethical? Even if 26 of them were dismissed, it still took a lot of legal researching and maneuvering to figure out that what she did wasn’t “technically” unethical. If she was such a great Governor shouldn’t it have been immediately clear?

  • James “turbo” Cohen

    EmeraldKnight, I fixed it for ya..

    How shady a Senator do you have to be that your firm would come up with 27 things that even MIGHT have been unethical? Even though 26 of them were dismissed, it still took a lot of legal researching and maneuvering to figure out that what she did wasn’t “technically” unethical. If he was such a great Senator shouldn’t he have shared his college transcripts?

  • a. mcewen

    Shouldn’t this blog worry about why it was kicked out of this thing rather than another Obama rumor?

  • J.M. Ripley


    Why don’t you research the ethic complaints before you spout off about them. One of them for example, was she was wearing a ski jacket, with the logo of her husbands snowmobile racing team on it at one of his races. The complaint was as she was using her office to promote a one product over another. Most if not all of the complaints are of this nature. The Democrats used Alaska’s stupid system of a sitting Governor having to pay for private counsel to defend against them.

    Gov. Palin was over $350,000 in debt for legal fees for all of these complaints. She couldn’t govern, nor could she pay off the debt with her income as Governor, so she resigned as Governor, so that the work of the state could go on and not be about all of the bogus ethic complaints against her. So, yes she did quit, but for very good reasons in my humble opinion.

  • Kathy Mateer

    As far as I am concerned the National Democratic Committee and the Alaska chapter, the Alaska Democratic Party (ADP) is no different than the Taliban in using our own laws against its enemies to defeat, abuse and destroy.
    Thank God the three Navy SEALs were acquitted, but at a great price in every way.
    Obviously the NDC and ADP were very afraid of the popularity of Sarah Palin.
    In 1867 black men were given the rights to vote:
    1929 white women voted for the first time in American history:
    So it is no surprise a black man will become President of the United States before anyone would allow without severe harassment a white woman to even think she could run for Vice President and win. We still have a long way to go for equality in the hearts and minds of fairness of all Americans, no matter what color or gender.

  • Mike Barrett

    Yes Kathy, thanks for that cogent explanation. I guess conservatives have gained a real appreciation for frivolous law suits as indicated in the UVA response to Cuccinelli’s investigation. What is worse, of course, is the cost that we, the taxpayers of Virginia, are bearing for Cuccinelli and his staff, and for the lawyers hired to defend the integrity of the University of Virginia, over this witch hunt.

  • Mike, since when does cost to the taxpayers matter to a tax-increase advocate like you?

  • Mike Barrett

    Actually Brian, you have totally mischaracterized my views which of course is to be expected in your “governance by quip” point of view. I do support public investment in transportation, and believe that conservatives in Virginia have declared war on our transportation system. I am proud to be advocate for increased revenue for this crucial function of government so we can improve prosperity and mobility for all Virginians. To be insulted and condemned by you for such a positon is a badge of honor for me.

  • Kathy Mateer

    Mike, should I consider it a badge of honor for me that everything you respond to when I comment, you twist my message or meaning to your own agenda of the day?

  • Mike Barrett

    Well Kathy, you introduced the topic of frivolous lawsuits, and the action by the UVA Board in answering Cuccinelli’s actions is a current topic. I do think conservatives need to come to grips with Cuccinelli’s fight against academic freedom, and his wasteful spending. I used to think true conservatives actually cared about our freedoms and our conservative approach to public expenditures. Frankly, I am not sure anymore what conservatives in Virginia stand for except the dismantling of our transportation system.

  • James Hawkins

    Mr Barrett,

    I am in complete agreement with you for the need to spend money on our transportation system and other aspects of our infrastructure.

    However before raising taxes, why not see how much money can be raised for that purpose by other means?

    I have recently “found” 2 billion dollars that could be used for repairing our aged and crumbling infrastructure.

    “Last August, the U.S. Export-Import Bank issued a ‘preliminary commitment’ letter to Brazil’s state-run Petrobras in the amount of $2 billion, with the promise of more to follow. . .

    These [U.S.] taxpayer dollars finance exploration of the huge offshore discovery in Brazil’s Tupi oil field in the Santos Basin near Rio de Janeiro. . .”

    I am certain that you would agree that this $2 billion should be spent here in the USA to repair our infrastructure and create jobs for the citizens of the Unites States and Virginia.

    Surely you could not be in favor of using US and Virginia tax dollars to support a foreign oil company to create jobs overseas while our own Virgina citizens are suffering from lack of work?

  • Mike Barrett

    Thanks James, but that is just paragraph 7. from the conservative playbook; that is, agree we need to invest in transportation, but deny we need to raise the funds. Meanwhile, our neighbors in NC pay a gas tax nearly twice ours, and are investing in highways, rail, and port facilities to take away our business. They are not the only state to do so. Our great Commonwealth is under attack from conservatives who want to destroy our mobility and prosperity by lack of political will and courage to do what is right for Virginia.

  • Kathy Mateer

    Every time my Buick hits a pothole I want our roads to be fixed, but I agree with James, let’s find money being thrown away first.

  • “Thanks James, but that is just paragraph 7. from the conservative playbook; that is, agree we need to invest in transportation, but deny we need to raise the funds. ” Mike Barrett

    Mike, didn’t he just suggest a funding stream from the Federal Government? that being speniding 2 Billion in the US? Even if it all doesn’t go to Virginia and you divide it by 50 states, that still equates to $40 million for Virginia. A nice step in the right direction.

    Is your arguement that he’s looking for Federal money and redirecting it from Brazil to Virginia?

    Seems to me he agreed with you and put up an alternative that could go a long way in helping.

  • James Hawkins

    I asked a very simple question. Do you favor sending $2 billion tax payer dollars to a foreign oil company or do you favor spending that $2 billion on repairing our infrastructure?
    Even el caniche sexo loco should understand and be able to answer that question.

  • James Hawkins

    Sorry, I should have said el caniche enloquecido del sexo. My spanish is not that good.

  • Kathy Mateer

    After researching your website James, I find it interesting the $2 billion tax payer dollars will benefit George Soros the most, one of the largest contributors to Obama’s Presidential campaign. He and his family gave over $60,000. Some payback huh?

    Mike, you want to get on your high horse all the time and slam conservatives, but the dirty dealings of the liberal party needs to be uncovered huh?

  • Mike Barrett

    Thanks to the conservatives herein for proving my point. On this forum, the conservatives don’t live in the Commonwealth, they live in the state of denial. Why would any rational person expect the federal government to bail out a state that refuses to levy a tax high enough to maintain and sustain its own transportation infrastructure? We now must use designated construction funds for maintenance. Conservatives have destroyed a system that once worked quite well, and at this point, you are embarrassing one of your own, that is, Governor McDonnell, who said a few days ago that his economic development initiatives are at risk because of the condition of our transportation infrastructure. Deny that!

  • Kathy Mateer

    Whatever Mike. I am outraged that $2 billion tax payer dollars are going overseas for a payback to a campaign contributor for Obama. As an American, I would think you should or would be too. I guess you can’t get past your own agendas.

  • James Hawkins

    Again,I asked a very simple question. Do you favor sending $2 billion tax payer dollars to a foreign oil company or do you favor spending that $2 billion on repairing our infrastructure?
    Even el caniche enloquecido del sexo should understand and be able to answer that question.

  • Mike Barrett

    James, once again, you engage in misdirection instead of supporting our own Governor who has deplored the condition of our transportation infrastructure, and who says this must be fixed or his prime goal for his administration, that is, economic development, is toast. Ask any Delegate, any Senator, the new Secretary of Transportation, if they are satisfied with the condition of our transportation infrastructure, and they will say no, they are not. Here in Hampton Roads, our failure to invest in our own mobility will cost up any increase in military personnel, but worse, threatens our existing bases as other states with more enlightened electorates and leaders, comes in and steal them away. Conservatives, you have met the enemy, and it is you. It really is that clear. Lead, or get out of the way.

  • EyeOnYou

    On her facebook page, Sarah Palin is saying you guys are making this story up.

    Earlier this week, I spoke at the Freedom Fest in Norfolk, Virginia; and, evidently, the media was asked to leave – not by me, that’s for sure. I want my message out, so despite reporters making up a story about “Palin people kicking us out” (uh, the “Palin people” entourage would consist of one person – my 15-year-old daughter, Willow – and I have no doubt she could take on any reporter, but I know for certain she didn’t “kick ‘em out” of the event). Anyway, here are some of the key issues I spoke about.

  • Laura

    I just wanted to say that I’m very sorry that you were treated this way by Palins people. And even worse, is seeing you being verbally assaulted by her supporters. Unfortunately this is common-a similar thing happened to me. In Palin land, it is a huge sin to say ANYTHING negative about the queen, even if you truly mean it in a constructive manner.

    Her fans will jump all over you. So much for free speech. It’s allowed only if it’s praise.

    Watching this charade and Sarahs absolute refusal to answer questions, is what turned me away from het. I also do not care for the way she beliitles and talks badly of others in a personal manner. As a conservative, I don’t agree with President Obamas political beliefs but I hear nothing of substance coming from Sarah. Those who think she is offering thoughtful input for benefit of our country are deluding themseves. Her constant obsession with personally attacking is incompatible with Christs teachings.

    So sorry for the length. I’m just sad to see you being treated like this and now you are being called a liar by the queen of lying. Just be comforted by the fact that she’s in this for the money, and that’s all. Stay strong!

  • Laura

    Kathy Mateer, with all respect, you have many “facts” wrong about Palin leaving office and the ethics complaints. Please for your benefit and for the conservative movement, do some research and NOT from her website. You are directly quoting without verifying. As an example, the ethics complaints were not filed by Democrats!! They simply weren’t. This is a fact! And 26 out of 27 were not dismissed. She did do some wrong things. Almost everything you stated cannot be backed up.
    I’ve never seen a political celebrity like Sarah where people believe her because they like her. I like her too but I do not like lying and Sarah is a fraud. I was hurt when I realized the truth about her, but now I am simply appalled!
    I have n

  • Kathy Mateer

    Laura and EyeOnYou,

    Laura, last name not included, please give proof of your charges about the ethics complaints not being democratically based. It’s easy to make statements when you won’t give your last name and you have no documentation to back up your words. Since you make the charges, do the research/homework and post it.

    I did look on the Facebook page provided by EyeOnYou.
    I do believe J.R. and Brian in what happened at the Freedom Fest. As a matter of fact, I walked right by them and wondered why they weren’t blogging anymore and it wasn’t over yet. At the end, I walked by the table and Brian was there but I didn’t see J.R.. What J.R. and Brian do is not for anything but for the love of their party. Could it be a communications problem with Palin and staff at Freedom Fest or is this typical????

  • Gary

    It’s interesting, in fact VERY interesting that Mr Hoeft claims he was kicked out of this event because of some sort of rules.

    We already know there were no “Palin people” there except Willow.

    You also said at one point you were asked to cover this by the promoter. If you knew the promoter, why didn’t you use his name at the event or give him a shout out to square things??

    The truth is, video exists of the entire speech, almost 30 minutes long, obviously taken by someone in the crowd.

    This kinda shoots the hell out of your story.

    Like Sarah herself said on Facebook today, why in the hell would she throw people out. She WANTS the world to hear what she is saying.

    You’ve been busted my friend.

    As Sarah would say, stop makin’ things up.

  • Gary

    Laura says:
    June 30, 2010 at 9:30 pm


    Laura, you might want to educate yourself before you spout off nonsense like this.

    Those “ethics complaints” were filed by people hand picked by Barack Obama’s closest advisers, Pete Rouse and Anita Dunn, and we have PROOF.

    You should read:

    Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, And The Cost Of Fighting Chicago Thug Politics

  • TX golden girl

    Everything Palin says is not gospel. Everything she does is not inspired by God. She is just a politician and like all politicians she stretches the truth and sometimes out and out lies. My goodness, a quick look at her endorsements should prove she’s not infallible.

    I do believe the people who stopped them from live-blogging the rally were following Palin’s guidelines. It’s really bothering me that when Sarah Palin makes a mistake like this, or has an ethical lapse while in office (what politician hasn’t??) it’s always someone else’s fault. Even her leaving office early was someone else’s fault. How about accepting personal responsibility? How about avoiding all appearance of wrongdoing since you know the media and your political enemies are always looking for mistakes? According to Palin’s own attorney she disregarded his advice regarding the questionable ethical ground for the legal defense fund and instead listened to the advice of out of state attorneys.

    Palin always presents herself as the put-upon, attacked, disadvantaged, misunderstood victim. She’s always whining and always has her hand out for other peoples’ money. Doesn’t she claim to be a conservative?

  • Brian Kirwin

    Maybe Sarah Palin should read her own speaking contract.

  • Kathy Mateer

    Gary, J.R. is not a liar.

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  • kevin

    Yes, Sarah Palin resigned …mostly to save her state from defending the frivolous ethics complaints,which she won every single one. ( frivolous ethics complaints costing the state millions of dollars in wasted time and resources and doom the state to gridlock and also continue to cost the state hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend against false and maliciously filed ethics complaints )

    Pretty much as soon as she accepted the vice presidential nomination, her critics started filing ethics complaint after ethics complaint against her.

    Sarah Palin stepped down for the right reasons—she did not want to see her state government continue to get bogged down with inane “ethics” complaints that were transparently political, plainly partisan, and diverting state resources .

    She saw that if she stayed on as Governor it would cost the state millions of dollars in wasted time and resources to defend against false and maliciously ethics complaints and doom the state to gridlock
    Palin’s entire administration was paralyzed by those frivolous complaints.

    Sarah Palin had to step down for the better of her state and it was the honorable thing to do.

    Anyway, unless it was Willow Palin who kicked media out, it was not the “Palin people” as she did not have any one from her staff with her other than her daughter.

  • VA Blue Bell

    Sarah always travels with bodyguards-Sarah has an Ironclad contract to keep media far away from her speeches unless its Fox News , Sarah will not answer or take questions unless before questions have been screened by her handlers. Sarah quit after 16 months in office because she was asked by A.E.I.-Hertiage Foundation– Bill Krystal and other Neo Conservatives to start her run for 2012 in 2009 because she needed schooling for their agenda.

    She was also under contract to write a book about her life and under the Alaskan Consitution a setting Governor wouldn’t have been able to do the Campaign Book Tour – The ethic complaints were not filed by Democrats nor Barack Obama but by the Republican Party there are some very serious charges still pending. There is the land ethic charge in Wasilla that hasn’t been settled where she buildt the sportplex. Sarah raised the salestax in Wasilla as Mayor. Sarah does lie and her lies have been debunked.

    Sarah’s son Track was given a choice military or jail.
    Sarah is singing A.E.I. tune of Peace through Strength as they are her real bosses and pay her very well and have promised her the White House.

    Sarah’s ego has become a major problem for her on these tours with people.

    I don’t like nor support her.
    She isn’t good,honest or trustworthy.

    The Ethics complaints are a matter of public record it would be a good idea to cast a eye on her and not this glazed over stuff that I keep seeing.

    She used the word I way to much ,its never WE show she has a real problem.
    One last thing -how in the Hell Can anyone quote the Washington Times that is owned ,controled by Sung Young Moon – The Cult- The Moonies that just keeps my head spining ……Also World Net Daily- any other pieces of nothin,only 26 % of Americans

    support her-that isn’t a healthy showing–

    Now good day all and Happy 4th -hug a solider-

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