Rigell says “no thanks” to sharing stage with Sarah Palin

Multiple sources have confirmed that Second District Congressional Candidate Scott Rigell has turned down a speaking role at Sunday’s Freedom Fest with Sarah Palin, Ollie North and others at Norfolk’s Ted Constant Convocation Center.

This was learned just after the Shad Plank posted an article titled “Poll says Palin endorsement could hurt GOP nominees – Decision time for Rigell”

The lineup had included Rigell’s speech, with an introduction from primary opponent Ben Loyola (a tough act to follow?), but although Rigell will be attending the event, his speech is canceled. One source said Scott’s wife, Teri, will speak in his place, but that is not confirmed by either the campaign nor the event organizers.

Rigell’s campaign cited FEC rules in explaining the decision, since other candidates in the 2nd District weren’t offered equal time to speak at the private event.

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