Rigell Up by 6 in 2nd District

Scott Rigell’s Campaign released the following today:

Scott Rigell opens the general election campaign with a 6-point advantage over incumbent, Democratic Congressman Glenn Nye

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – Scott Rigell, conservative Republican candidate for Congress, today released key findings from the first poll to focus on November’s general election in Virginia’s Second Congressional District. To view the full memorandum and the head to head results released by Public Opinion Strategies, please click here.

After reviewing the results of the poll, Campaign Manager Jason Miyares released the following statement:

“These results are consistent with what Scott Rigell is hearing throughout the district; voters are anxious to send a conservative leader from the real world to Washington. Unlike politicians in Washington, Scott Rigell has met a payroll, balanced a budget, and created jobs. It is rare that a challenger would have a lead over an incumbent so early in the race, but it demonstrates that Rigell’s message of bringing business sense and conservative leadership to Washington is resonating with families in Hampton Roads and on the Eastern Shore.”

Public Opinion Strategies is one of the most well respected polling companies in the nation and has conducted polling for numerous high profile campaigns, including Bob McDonnell for Governor, Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General, Congressman Randy Forbes, and Scott Brown for United States Senate. For a list of campaigns that have used Public Opinion Strategies to provide polling data, please visit http://pos.org/clients/.

  • Mike Barrett

    Thanks Ward for that snappy start; a “news” article wrapped up in a release of a candidate’s own poll. Surprise! He’s ahead. And who does the “journalist get to make the first comment? The candidate’s campaign manager. You really can make this stuff up.

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  • saul simmons

    Congrats, but a long way to go. I will say that anytime an incumbent is losing to a first time political novice, its pretty amazing. Only 35% want Nye re-elected, that is horrible news for him and good news for Rigell

  • Gee Mike, I’m just passing along the news. Does this mean I won’t get the Pulitzer after all?

    Seriously dude. Lighten up.

    Decaf is your friend. And maybe a bran muffin.

  • Tim J

    Mike, the same tactic worked in the Primary so why should the campaign change? If Rigell keeps releasing polls like this and can convince voters that he’s getting further and further ahead, the “poll” momentum is his and voters will think he is a foregone conclusion and will vote for the perceived “poll winner”.

    If Rigell “captures the flag”, Nye doesn’t have a chance and so far, not a peep out of the Nye camp. Any “attacks” on Rigell will be spun as “desparate” by his Campaign because Nye will be so far behind in the “polls”.

  • Post-nomination bump poll.

    Nothing more.

  • Mike Barrett

    Tim J, it’s June. Well said Brian.

  • Mike,
    When are you going to learn that this is a blog and that we’re not journalists nor pretending to be?

    I appreciate you’re thinking we are, ’cause that means we must be decently professional, but we’re not.

    As for the poll at hand – call it what you will, Brian, but it is still a six-point lead.

  • Mike Barrett

    Yes, I understand that, but in the shout out on your home page, even the Governor expresses the nexus of politics to policy, and you claim that you provide analysis that helps readers to form opinion. Do you as editor even aspire to inform and analyze? Do you aspire to help form the public interest? Or are you simply a forum for political hacks to make wise cracks to increase their candidates chance of success in the next election?

  • Bryan R

    Isn’t the general rule that anytime an incumbent is below 50% that he’s in the “danger zone”?

    I think it says a couple of things — 1) Voters are mad at Congress, so this is a “throw the bums out” kind of election and 2) Nye is a first time incumbent running for election for only the 2nd time in his life. in other words, its not like he was a well known city councilman or Sheriff that then became Congressman. For most voters, he’s still largely unknown.

  • John Harvie


    Now what, since Bert didn’t make it?

  • Mike Barrett

    Bryan R, remember, this poll is not an objective poll; it is a poll prepared and paid for by a campaign that has a financial interest in the result. And since the first person quoted is the candidate’s campaign manager, is there any doubt this is simply a campaign ploy? No, there is not. It is not worth the paper it is printed on, especially given the polling this same candidate released during the last stages of the primary.

  • Mike, just for the record, there were seven posts on Bearing Drift yesterday and you’re snarking about one because I’m assuming you don’t like it, and because it’s just a reprint of the campaign press release.

    As for me being a wise-cracking political hack, well maybe. But I’m not shilling for my candidate in this race. I’d like to see Rigell oust Nye, but he’s not really “my” candidate since I don’t live in the 2nd.

    It was just a bit of news. Sometimes a press release is just a press release.

  • Gee, I don’t know, Mike. You’ve written guest posts here – so what would you call yourself?

    @John Harvie – it’s a three person race, so we’ll cover it accordingly. Hopefully the Nye and Golden campaigns are as proactive with us as the Rigell campaign is.

  • Mike Barrett

    Yes, JR, you did afford me that opportunity which I appreciated. I guess that experience proved to me that frankly, most posters herein could care less about issues of governanace and policy; most are engaged in the game of winning elections no matter what is said or proposed. I continue to hope for more substance and less tactics devoid of integrity and comprehension. The primary in the 2nd revealed how the current process demeaned candidates who I really believe are much better than revealed in this primary battle.

  • Poll numbers are only important at this juncture for fund raising purposes. Nothing else, nothing more. Make hay while the sun shines because there is going to be some stormy weather ahead.

  • Mike Barrett, Many people who post here care about issues of governance and policy. They care about accuracy in reporting as well.. not necessarily their own but that of campaign leadership who are held to a higher standard.

    There is a nationwide problem with the GOP and DNC and that problem is with the leadership of both parties who demand undeserved loyalty from junior senators. Who are they elected by, the gop oe we the peeps?

    By the way, I am attempting to give Palinpac a heads up.. rumor has it that Byler may have Pac’d for exclusivity at the freedom fest. It might be more like Rino fest by the time it starts. Hope this is false info.. Is this for real?

  • James Hawkins

    Freedom Fest 2010 looks like fun to me. I would go but have to work as usual.


    FreedomFest 2010 looks even better. But would need to decide to go 6 weeks or so beforehand.


    Found out Sunday night that 6 or more pharmacists in the company that I work for should be losing their jobs in the very near future. Or least that is the “talk in the streets” Also found out that at least 5 pharmacists in another company lost their jobs not too long ago. Something that people are not talking about, but I am very good at finding out secrets. Will be trying to find out what is going on. Keep in mind that a pharmacist in this area earns say 115 K a year. No job, no taxes.

  • Jessica Sandlin

    James, thanks for writing about the other Freedomfest- Greg Mortenson’s appearance there I hope will bring more attention to his non-profit.

  • KG

    None of this matters. Kenny Golden is going to steamroll everyone in November. Mark my word!

  • It takes a Tea Party to steamroll establishment big tent republicans out of office.

  • James “turbo” Cohen
  • 2nd District Voter

    @KG – WOW!

  • Doug

    Is there a libertarian running? I can’t vote vote for either Republican running- yes, we liberals view Nye as a Republican- especially after he voted against Healthcare. Rigell’s ajoke….so where does that leave a person…??? Part of me hopes the Tea bagger…I mean ‘partyers’ win- America’s on the edge of the cliff- and those fools will kick it over the edge, no experience/common sense, intelligence- I’m so sick of all politicans/parties, I’m at the point where I just don’t give a damn anymore!

  • James “turbo” Cohen

    Set your soul free and go independent. Vote Kenny Golden november 2nd.

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