Disgraceful Attempts Revealed For Chuck Smith Coup in VA-03

[Update] Received a phone call from Coby Dillard; he wants to make clear in no way was his approach of Hurd his idea nor the original idea of running Chuck and forcing Tignor/Hutchens out.

I wrote previously about the woefully bad idea of Chuck Smith, former 2nd District candidate, being courted or courting himself to run as the 3rd District candidate. Last night, Karen Hurd, leader of the Hampton Roads Tea Party, received a call from Coby Dillard, former candidate with an even worse idea.

Hurd wrote on Meetup:


Coby Dillard called me tonight and asked me to sign on to a program whereby Chuck Smith is the anointed 3rd District nominee. The other two candidates will be asked to withdraw. The convention will now be only a “coronation” not a true convention to select a nominee.

This is a disgrace. The GOP already writes off the 3rd district as an automatic loss. People there already feel horribly unrepresented. To choose Chuck Smith, who doesn’t even live in the district, is adding insult to injury. It shows a complete disregard for our Republic, and the election process.

It’s difficult to imagine that in today’s political climate, you would even think that the 3rd District would find this acceptable. And you wanted me, and the Hampton Roads Tea Party, to approve this?

In the strongest possible terms – NO. If you choose to pursue this course we will work against the GOP in the 3rd. We will work to support any candidate but Chuck Smith. The 5th District GOP tried this and the tea party took them on. We will do the same in the third.

I have alerted the Hampton Roads Tea Party members about the potential course of action. You will be hearing from them shortly.

This course of action on the part of the 3rd District GOP is unethical, unwise, and shows a complete disregard for those in the 3rd District seeking to unseat Bobby Scott.


Karen Miner Hurd

Founder and Chair
Hampton Roads Tea Party

Karen is exactly right. I’ve already stated the very idea of running Chuck Smith in the district was a bad one, but to demand the other candidates drop out and anoint a 2nd District also-ran who has shown a proven inability to raise awareness, votes, support and money is contemptible.

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