Amidst VA-02 Intrigue, Some in VA-03 Seeking Former/Current Candidate to Run

While the intrigue plays out in the ‘Dupli-gate’ situation, sources close to BearingDrift have confirmed there have been discussions and proposals about seeking out none other then 2nd District also-ran/current-ran/haven’t-filed-my-paperwork-yet candidate Chuck Smith to run for the 3rd District nomination. No word on who approached who, but I wouldn’t be surprised either way, quite frankly.

As I reported here, with two other candidates leaving much to be desired, the decision has been debated (and is still, to my understanding) about having Chuck Smith run for the Republican nomination in the 3rd District.

Of course, it doesn’t take a political science major to understand how this will be spun. Unable to cut it in the 2nd District, Chuck runs in a district where it takes a fraction of a the money, manpower and grassroots to win the nomination. If you couldn’t cut it in the 2nd, how could you cut it in the 3rd? Is the district to be treated as simply Republican-lite?

Count me, a 3rd District voter, as officially stating this is a BAD idea.

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