Sources: Obama Stumping for Deeds in Hampton Roads Oct 27th

Creigh Deeds campaign continues to puzzle with another bizarre twist.

One day after announcing their plans to attempt to solidify the Democratic base and turnout in Northern Virginia, identifying it as their ONLY chance for victory, sources have indicated that President Obama’s ONE campaign visit for Creigh Deeds will be spent….in Hampton Roads. Daily Press:

If you want to see the President of the United States in Hampton Roads, mark your calendar for the last week in October as the Virginia race for governor heads down the home stretch.

Some very tight-lipped local sources said that Tuesday Oct. 27 is the likely date for an Obama visit, although a Deeds campaign spokespeson would not confirm any date.
An educated guest would put the event on the campus of Old Dominion University, where an advance team was spotted on Monday. The event is likely to be held at the Ted Constant Center.

The Deeds campaign admits their one and only hope for any chance in this election is to drastically boost their turnout numbers in Northern Virginia, where Obama won 64% of the vote (Deeds currently polls at 51%) Yet mind-numbingly, they present a token gesture to African-American and youth voters in Hampton Roads, an area of the state they have virtually no chance at winning, while aiming at demographics who have shown zero interest in Creigh Deeds. One visit from President Obama is not going to alter the race in Hampton Roads, where Deeds has no presence or ground game (or bumper stickers; or signs; or 4x8s)

Something tells me Mo Ellerthie and Joe Abbey aren’t going to be very high on Jim Webb and Mark Warner’s call-lists when it comes time for campaign staff decisions. With advisers like these, who needs opponents?