Deeds’ Debate Day Debacle

Alliteration aside, today was not a good day for the Deeds campaign. With two polls allegedly showing ‘tightening’ of the race, the debate with Bob McDonnell today was supposed to be a momentum changer, solidifying the drive towards an upset in November. Today’s end result? FAIL.

Deeds’ missteps (we’ll limit these to just today, to recap the summer would take half the night):

– Can Deeds just hire a public speaking coach already? His repeated stuttering, half answers, begin and stopping of sentences, they all add up to make him an embarassment as a representative of anything. Thankfully for Creigh most people will never see the debate, they just read about it. But come on!

– The thesis question is the first asked (not a Deeds’ misstep, but hurt him in the long run) As result of Deeds monotonous attempts to hammer at Bob on this point, Deeds’ repeated attacks on this received audible groans from the audience, who encapsulate the feelings of the majority of Virginians (nearly 70%): MOVE ON ALREADY!

Health Care – Q: “Do you support an individual mandate, such as the state has on auto insurance?”

– “I share the President’s goals, I think an individual mandate makes sense.”

Creigh Deeds just announced his support of fining all Virginians who do not purchase health insurance; in the current bill that’s valued at $952 for individuals and $3800 for families. Have those wallets and checkbooks handy!

Taxes – Q: “Senator, would you raises taxes in this climate, if necessary?”

– “No, I’m not gonna raise taxes, but I am the only person on this dias who will sign a transportation plan that raises new money”

RPV has done a great job at hammering Deeds’ on this
; it baffles the mind the lunacy of the statement. Not in small part since the sentence itself is false, Bob’s proposals all come from NEW money, but not NEW taxes.

– Racism – Q: “Do you think some of the opposition, in this state and other parts of the country is motivated by racism?”

“But clearly, there is a hint of racism in some of the opposition to President Obama, that is crystal clear”

Creigh Deeds feels that you, I, the staff at BD, the individuals of the 912 Rally have ‘hints’ of racism that lead us to criticize President Obama. It can’t be due to his policies, or his spending…no, no, it’s because of his skin color!

For no reason at all

“We know he doesn’t support working women!”

If I were Bob McDonnell, my response would have been even more direct: Creigh, my daughter Jeanine is sitting right there; you tell HER I don’t support her service to our country, you tell HER I don’t support her. My daughter Cailin is sitting right next to her, she’s working on my campaign, you tell HER I don’t support her. Regardless, Bob immediately called Creigh on his bluster.

Then to end the event, Deeds was surrounded by reporters all asking one question, the same all Virginians are asking: When will you just admit you’ll raise taxes?!

Deeds’ impatience led to the now infamous clip:

Full Q&A:

Deeds certainly did make himself clear today, another win for Bob McDonnell.