RTD Shows Cuccinelli Gets It, But Who Will Ask Shannon?

In today’s Richmond Times Dispatch, Ken Cuccinelli addresses Steve Shannon’s political ploy to turn the Attorney General’s job into a part time position:

Cuccinelli said one possible outcome of the ethics panel is to refer the case to the attorney general.

“I’m not going to call for [a resignation] because that would suggest a conclusion in an ongoing case that I may end up having a role analogous to a judge in,” he said. “[Shannon] doesn’t care what the law is and that should bother Virginians a great deal.”

Democrats are trying to argue that the AG won’t have a say in any Federal case, and they are right. But the AG WOULD have a role in determining Hamilton’s fate as part of a House ethics investigation, which is happening.  It is this nuance, this ROLE of the Attorney General that is important to note.

Ken Cuccinelli gets it.

Steve Shannon clearly does not.

h/t DJ

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