WaPO hypocrisy hits a new high – is Jeff Schapiro a close second?

In case you missed it, Jim Geraghty at Campaign Spot from NRO has two great posts today on the governor’s race.

First, Geraghty calls the editorial on McDonnell’s thesis a “sigh of relief” from the Washington Post.

Earlier this year, their endorsement of Deeds in the Democratic primary boosted the Democrat’s chances at winning the June primary. Ironically, just a few days later, when Deeds had a bump in the polls, giving him the lead over McDonnell, the Post stated:

“Democrats in turn will try to depict former attorney general Robert F. McDonnell, the Republican nominee, as a right-wing zealot and Pat Robertson protégé. In fact, both candidates are serious public servants with long records that deserve more careful examination … Mr. McDonnell’s tenure as attorney general, by most accounts, has been professional and not overtly ideological.”

Clearly the Post was content that Deeds had the lead and saw no need to go negative at the time.

But now that their guy is down 15, they quickly changed their tune:

“Bob McDonnell … would make a divisive, disruptive and partisan governor — a sharp departure from the tradition of generally pragmatic executives who have helped make Virginia one of the better-managed states in the union.”

Geraghty writes:

The Post put their credibility on the line behind a candidate by touting his plans on transportation, and then learned that he didn’t actually have a plan to deal with transportation. The revelation was thoroughly embarrassing, leaving the editors with a need for a new reason to justify their inevitable endorsement of the Democrat in autumn.

Thus, the “20-year-old thesis” story.

Second, WaPO editorialists stated that ““Virginians deserve specific answers about where the thinking of [McDonnell’s] early middle age has shifted, and where it remains consistent.” Unfortunately, they didn’t bother to attend the nearly 90 minute conference call that most of Virginia’s media did dial in to – including the WaPO News Department! Geraghty goes on to list some choice cuts from media from across the Commonwealth and the nation on this candid conversation with McDonnell.

It’s unfortunate, but this is yet another example of why main stream media is losing credibility.

Then there’s this from Jeff Schapiro of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. He tweeted:

RTDSchapiro #vagov McD trying to change subject? Today talks up education; tomorrow, opposition to card-check.

To which our own Brian Kirwin so aptly replied:

BrianKirwin @RTDSchapiro McDonnell talking about issues isn’t changing subjects. Deeds doing so would be.

The bottom line is this is a manufactured story by the newspaper media. It’s already off most of the TV stations and has probably been relegated to just negative commercials the last week of the campaign. The only loser here is legacy newspapers who continue to plummet in readers and relevance.

Also check out Riley’s post at Virginia Virtucon and this post at Write Side: “You can’t expect the Washington Post to still believe something they wrote…eleven weeks ago “

  • More than simple hypocrisy, this is more evidence that MSM is more interested in shaping news and opinion rather than report events as they happen.

  • McDonnell did not address the core issue of when and why his thinking changed in a convincing manner. In addition, there is simply too much evidence that the Thesis does, in fact, reflect how McDonnell thinks.

    What I don’t understand is why he is running away from these ideas. If this is what he believes, why not simply embrace it and let the chips fall where they may?

    This story will not be fading away for a while.I understand that you guys don’t see it, but McDonnell’s position is not at all credible. To most people, he comes across as a crazy extremist just saying what he thinks he has to to get votes.

  • JNoland

    Or…McDonnell has a plan that he wants to implement as governor. And since the biggest problems facing the commonwealth are jobs and the economy, he has chosen to focus on his solutions to those problems. Two months away from the election, it is unclear why Creigh Deeds wants to be governor.

  • Susan Hurley

    I think McDonnell can support working moms, as he clearly has been doing, while still standing by the basic premise that, when kids are involved, a stay-at-home mom is “ideal” for the family unit. Being at home full-time may not be ideal for the mom’s self-esteem or for the family budget, and is typically not possible for the single mom, but it is certainly beneficial for raising children and teens. While that may be ideal, it is not necessarily realistic, and McDonnell should be able to state what he felt (feels?) is best for the family but, at the same time, support and applaud the work and accomplishments of his wife, daughters, employees, and all the other working moms in the Commonwealth.

  • facts

    How’d attacking the media work out for you guys in 2008?

  • Conservativa

    The people at the Washington Post, with ethics that would let them plan this (http://bit.ly/U6Fxu), look down their noses at Bob McDonnell. I’m just sayin.’

  • James

    How’d voting democrat in 2008 help you out in 2009?

    Aznew-“To most people, he comes across as a crazy extremist just saying what he thinks he has to to get votes”–

    Maybe to most people in your liberal circle he comes across that way…Bob has always spoken with eloquence and passion; something I have never seen Creigh Deeds do. You may disagree with him on social issues, but that’s not what his campaign has focused on, unlike the Deeds camp.

  • James – that’s fair. Actually, when I’ve heard him speak, he comes across as a nice guy. What I meant was that when folks read what he wrote in the thesis, and then says, “Oh, I don’t believe that stuff anymore<” is when he sounds like an extremist just saying what he has to to get votes.

  • Like Deeds trying to say he will and won’t raise taxes?

  • Foobar

    Your WaPo-directed indignation ignores the “Detrimental-Working-Women / feminists / contraception by unmarried couples is illogical” thesis in the room.

    The WaPo was FIRST dismissive of the “Bob is an ideologue” charge. And then later that were not so dismissive of the ideologue charge…

    >> Clearly the Post was content that
    >> Deeds had the lead and saw no
    >> need to go negative at the time.

    >> But now that their guy is down 15,
    >> they quickly changed their tune:

    If i understand the timeline correctly, it sounds like the WaPo changed their tune after reading Bob’s thesis that Bob brought up in the interview. Sounds like a reasonable course of events. Just like Bob stating that his thesis-documented positions have changed over time, so apparently has the WaPo editorial board’s position.

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  • Another Conservative/Independent

    My opinion on all this hullabaloo is pretty simple as I’ve previously stated…..why all the outrage on Governor of Virginia race over a college thesis when we’ve never seen any college records or writings from the head Dem…..Obama? One thing I hate is ypocrisy and I think most Americans are paying attention now so …. this is pure desparation. McDonnell is clearly standing strong in polls. Gonna be a heckuva a defeat if Va. Governorship and perhaps NJ too goes Republican. Obama already feeling much heat, this is important to him. Thus the desparation…..college thesis bs……..So, will McDonnell apologize or go on media blitz ‘spaining…….hope not. All he needs to do is say, Deeds, God love ya, the media is on my case, could we see your college papers please?


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