Democrats cancel Rep. Glenn Nye’s public meeting

Democrats announce a public appearance by Congressman Glenn Nye at the local Democratic breakfast in Virginia Beach. Local citizens decide to plan to attend.

Can’t have that, say the Dems, who canceled Nye’s appearance.

“As we all know, our twice-monthly breakfast, always with a speaker, was never publicized as a Town Hall Meeting and was never intended to be such,” sayeth the so-called free speech Dems.

See, it was fine for the Democrats if Glenn Nye met with them in more of a closed setting and taking questions from local Democrat activists in the audience.

Once anyone else voiced an interest in attending, Beach Democrats shut it down.

After week after week of seeing Democratic bloggers recording speakers at the Republican breakfasts, it’s funny to see the Democrats so antsy about citizens who might want to ask their Congressman a question about socialized health care.

What’s the point of having Congressman Nye in the district if he’s not going to talk with voters?

  • I have stayed in some really nasty hotels in my life, often the result of last minute travel to repair some computer system. Once I even had to prop a chair under a door because the door knob had been shot out and it didn’t lock, but that was the only room for a couple hundred miles.

    In these grungy hotels, I often turned on the light in the middle of the night and saw cock roaches scatter.

    Somehow, today’s Democrats evoke that memory.

  • Foobar

    Nye may have been spooked by all the assault rifle-wielding anti-reform attendees that protested outside of other townhalls. When a large percentage of self-identified repubs believe the ‘death panel’ nonsense, and when the south is the home to a large swath of ‘birthers’, you can surely get an ‘interesting’ and unhinged crowd to show up. Maybe the more stable GOPers out there can talk to the batshiite-crazy GOP wing (the wing thats taking over the GOP center) and ask them to tone down the effigy hanging, the gun packin, the hitler comparisons, the ‘God will judge you!’ and the ‘Liar!’ yellin, the ‘Death to Obama’ signs, the euthanasia nonsense, the ‘Have you read the Koran Senator?’ weirdness, and the reform will “sentence our families to death” overall shrillness.

    Contrary to what you state, i find it completely expected that congress critters are antsy about talking to their jacked up citizenry. Also.

  • Foobar? You saw assault rifle bearing people at these town hall meetings? We know assault rifles would not be allowed in. If you exagerate there, where else does your credibility fall short on claims you make? Suddenly, “liar!” while bad form, doesn’t seem too inaccurate. If you quack like a duck………..

    A lot of Libertarians were planning to attend. We would have been respectful. Nye after all, has performed as a “Blue Dog” with the exception of support for Charlie Rangel and voting for the Stimulus Bill. There is no reason for opponents of socialized medicine to rail on Glenn Nye. Making our voices heard would be plenty good enough. We do network with and assist Republicans on some issues. The same could be a possibility with some of your conservative Democrats.

    The Democrat membership probably would have been vastly outnumbered and that is a small venue. For those reasons alone, I can understand wanting to cancel. I am a bit disappointed personally though at having lost the opportunity.

  • Not Pat Robertson

    Foobar is funny! The only thing missing is a reference to Dennis Kucinich’s theory that Sarah Palin is an alien. Leave it to the idiots of the left to spend their time spouting nonsense and conspiracy theories rather than engage in a constructive dialoge. It’s about the only thing their primitive minds can do. I mean they…

    Can’t fix health care!

    Can’t create jobs!

    Can’t win the war on Terrorism!

    What ever happened to closing Gitmo?

    Oh, and can’t keep the Virginia’s governor’s office.

    And now they can’t face the voters.

    Foobar = typical leftist moron.

    On another note, I hope Glenn Nye takes the GOP up on their offer on nonpartisan dialogue. Such a shame that Democrats can’t live up to that one either.

  • Jake

    Um…people…this was never billed as a “Town Hall Meeting.” It was a regularly scheduled meeting of the Virginia Beach Democratic Committee. It was never meant to be a public meeting about Health Care, but rather a purely partisan gathering of Democrats, much like the various Republican committees have on a regular basis. This was NOT the venue for such a large group of people that would surely have shown up.

    If you want to fault Nye for not scheduling a Town Hall meeting, fine. But don’t blame the VBDC for cancelling their semi-monthly meeting that we all know would have turned into a logistical nightmare.

  • Foobar

    Dear Bubble Dwellers:

    Fauxnews must be shielding yooze guys from the ‘unflattering’ notjobbery that has invaded the GOP’s middle. Not all Republicans at these townhall meetings are well-armed shrill wackos. But all well-armed shrill wackos at these townhalls are Republicans 😉

    Have you seen the video of the crazy lady who yells ‘Heil Hitler’ at a Jewish man who was expounding on Israel’s heathcare? Priceless. Or the tool who was beat down by Barney after she equated healthcare reform to Nazism? I have some very real concerns about da gubmint’s ability to reform healthcare, but your team is overrun by the crazies. Hows about calling a team-only group grope and attempt to rein in the well-armed, terribly disinformed nutters on your squad.

  • The Democrat’s blog lists this way citizens can actually be in the same room with their Congressman. Got $1000?

    “Dear Colleague,

    I would like to invite you to participate in an upcoming luncheon for Congressman Glenn Nye. The luncheon is being hosted by Woolpert and McGuireWoods Consulting and will take place Monday, September 14 at the Town Point Club in Virginia Beach.

    We welcome your participation in attending the event at either $500 or $1,000. If you would like to serve on the host committee at $1,000, please contact Missy Neff ( by Friday, August 21 so that you can be properly recognized on the invitation. A draft form of the invitation is attached for your reference.

    The event will run from noon – 1:00 p.m. with a special reception for hosts from 11:30 – noon. The luncheon size will be limited to 25 – 30 people and will be an excellent opportunity to interact with the Congressman.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    L.F. Payne

    McGuireWoods Consulting LLC
    1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW
    Suite 1200
    Washington, DC 20036

  • Brad Martin

    Jake –

    It was the poster Eileen on last Wednesday who originally promoted this “regularly scheduled meeting of the VBDC” as an “opportunity to provide Rep. Glenn Nye with feedback on health care reform” under the bold heading “Rep. Glenn Nye wants feedback”. She also noted “there will be a Q & A session after his remarks”. Though the words “town-hall meeting” do not appear in her post, I think even a liberal can figure out that a liberal was the first one to promote this as a town hall meeting.

    Since Congressman Nye has been virtually inaccessible for the first three weeks of his recess (I’m civilian, so I can’t attend his 90-minute “open office hours” at Langley and Little Creek, and I can’t afford $500 for lunch), this appeared to be a rare opportunity for the serfs…er…citizens to communicate directly with our representative.

    VBDC should have anticipated a large turnout (I’m sure that’s what they had hoped for) and 10 days is enough time for them to secure a more appropriate venue for a proper forum with the man who represents all of us in DC.

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  • I don’t really consider semi-automatics to be assault weapons. I don’t care what the PRESS or the left wing 2nd amendment haters call them. Most 2nd amendment people are level headed. I see many people that “open carry” and I know some that have concealed weapons permits(they’ve been checked out by law enforcement ok?) Do you really want to pretend your side doesn’t have their embarrassments?

    Foobar have you seen the one of Nancy Pelosi calling people Nazi? What about all the rest? So, its ok to call people Nazi if you are a Left winger? I remember when the shoe was on the other foot and the Repubs were calling people “unamerican”, now your side is in power and THEY do it. Its ok now? Want to see a picture of Cindy Sheehan protesting against Obama now? Google it. How embarassing for you guys.

    I know, the Town Halls are efective and the Democrats are learning that Americans just don’t want socialized medicine. Painful for you, I know, but its true. It is a bit entertaining watching the whackjobs on the Left stand out from the level headed Democrats like Nye, as the work SOOOOOO hard to find a kook among the millions of Americans that don’t want their medical care rationed out from long lines and be offered treatment months after they might be dead.

    This isn’t a winning issue and the voters will punish anyone forcing it on them. Go ahead just GIVE power back to the Republicans. See ya at the ballot box.

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