Bob McDonnell Major Endorsement Monday at 3

Endorsements in a Governor’s race are fairly common, so my ears perk up when a candidate announces a press conference for one.

Bob McDonnell will be announcing an “important endorsement” Monday at 3 PM in the General Assembly building in Richmond.

Whom could it be?

  • I think it might be Jim Gilmore. Or it could be the NRA, or Gun Owners of America. One could hope.

  • A Jim Gilmore endorsement wouldn’t be major. That is expected/assumed at this point. An NRA endorsement would be huge. I also wonder if it might be Douglas Wilder. Just shooting from the hip. It will be interesting to see what happens.

  • Doug Wilder could be it, I wouldn’t think that McDonnell would call a press conference to state something obvious.

  • Wilder’s m.o. is to drag it out to get as much attention to himself as possible. I doubt he’d make an endorsement in mid-July.

    NRA is likely, given Deeds’ swerve to the left in the past four years.

  • Carl Tate

    I’m going with Wilder.

  • Aaron

    Major= a democrat?

  • Steve Vaughan

    VA Blogger is right about Wilder’s m.o.
    He doesn’t usually endorse until there have been a few newspaper stories wondering who he will endorse.
    He didn’t even endorse Don McEachin in 2001 until Sept. 11 (yeah, that Sept. 11. Reporters cells phone started going off during the press conference and then they weren’t so interested anymore). And McEachin was the first statewide he endorsed that year.

  • Romney’s PAC just gave $15,000 to McDonnell/Bolling/Cuccinelli. My political instincts say Bob will announce endorsement from Romney.

  • Wilder seems to be winning in the online rumour mill. So much for my political instincts. Ron Paul, maybe? Bob needs those “country club” Republicans who support Sarah Palin. j/k, just busting on Ron Paul.

  • will

    OMG I just got an inside tip its Obama i can not believe this.

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