Smooth Criminal

mj-africaFirst off, I love Michael Jackson’s music and think he was an incredible entertainer. Probably the first time since Princess Di’s death that I can actually understand the media hype around a celebrity. That being said, another Jackson (not in the 5) is calling on Congress to recognize Jackson as a “global humanitarian” through the Committee on Foreign Affairs. But Rep. Shelia Jackson-Lee (D-TX) is running into opposition led by Rep. Peter King (R-NY) who thinks the Moonwalker is a “lowlife”.

While I disagree with King on his views on the King, I do not think Congress should pass this resolution or any resolution for that matter. The only effect resolutions have is officially getting the US government involved in matters they have no business being in. I know resolutions make politicians feel warm and cuddly and make them feel like they accomplished something but we have real problems to address in the Capitol so let the citizens express their emotions in their own creative styles while Congress actually tries to get real work done.

  • Somehow, I’d rather they be debating Michael Jackson than what they usually do — take our liberties and our money and destroy the country.

  • That kid doesn’t look too happy!

    Enough of the MJ worship. I’m sick to death of it.

  • Right on, Amit!

  • good point Jack. hmmmm.

  • All this celebration of a damaged mind that had inappropriate relationships with children.

    Look at that picture. Hand raised and a look that seems to say, “I’m not sure I want this scary man kissing me”.

    Was Jackson fantastically talented? Absolutely. That doesn’t mean that Michael Jackson is deserving of all the media worship. Taken to extreme, we end up either celebrating or at least excusing the darkly damaged part of his life.

    I won’t celebrate that kind of life. A potential wonder that went terribly wrong. I pity the pathetic and sorry media that engage in this lionizing of a man I would never trust my son’s safety to.

  • Dan from FC

    Oh my gosh! For the first time in my life I actually agree with Amit Singh! Great post.

  • thanks Dan. I feel honored

  • looks like it isn’t going to happen now that Pelosi has shut it down

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