Glenn “Thelma” Nye and his challengers

What’s Glenn Nye’s campaign slogan going to be? “Don’t vote for a Republican – he’ll vote just like me!”

Glenn Nye’s first six months in office has got to have Democrats wondering why they worked so hard to replace Thelma Drake.

Although Nye voted for the Obama stimulus package that promised to keep unemployment under 8% (It’s now 9.5%), Nye voted with Republicans to send the bill back to committee for a rewrite and to delay the vote on the stimulus plan.

Nye also voted against Obama’s budget, and he voted against the massive cap-and-trade bill (UPDATE) Nye even went as far to send out different emails on cap and trade, one touting the bill’s passage, and one touting his vote against it.

Judging from his recent comments, he doesn’t seem ready to vote for the Democrats’ health care takeover.

2010 has no President on the ballot. No Senator either. Can Nye win the 2nd if his base stays home, figuring that the voting records of Nye and his Republican opponent would likely be not that different?

Guess that depends a lot on his Republican opponent. And there are plenty. Drake announced she wasn’t running, but Chuck Smith has been for months. Smith says all the right things, and is probably hoping to be the Creigh Deeds of the nomination process – wait for the others to self-destruct and say “I’m still here” at the right time.

Energy is abounding for Scott Rigell of Freedom Automotive, who is quietly gaining support and endorsements from his years of supporting Republican candidates. Rigell’s Achilles’ heel is a $1,000 check to Barack Obama, not exactly the recipe for taking on the Obama administration. Some Dems may actually think the Republican has supported Obama more than the Democrat if this race gets down to Nye vs. Rigell.

Former Navy SEAL Ed Maulbeck, Naval Academy graduate and current naval reserve captain Ben Loyola, current VB GOP chair and ex-military himself Ken Golden, and former Councilman Richard Maddox all have made varying statements expressing interest.

And it’s only July. Anyone’s race at this point, but if the GOP nominates someone that doesn’t inspire turnout, and Nye keeps voting like Thelma Drake, this may be the lowest turnout election in recent memory.

  • I think there are significant differences between Glenn Nye and Thelma Drake. Thelma Drake had her own proposals for a flat tax and actively supported (not sure if she cosponsored) the proposal for the so called Fair Tax for example for example.

    Now, I understand that Glenn is not running against Thelma, and over on at least one of the Dem blogs they are talking about needing to find someone to run against him the primaries. However I will note on that same blog, although they actively campaigned for Brian Moran they seem to have come out strongly in support of Creigh Deeds after he won the primary even though on at least one issue that is very dear to their hearts Creigh’s support of their position is very tepid to say the least.

    But I not think Glenn’s showing a maverick streak is going to hurt his chances of winning reelection. You might be correct that he can’t win without strong support from the base, however I am fairly certain that his defeat would have been certain unless he voted somewhat moderately.

    But my guess is a lot is going to depend on how moderate a candidate the Republicans nominate. Will the Republicans in the district agree to nominate someone who is more moderate on some positions then was Thelma? Or will the members of the Republican base refuse to support and vote for anyone who might be able to describe themselves as being a moderate by at least occasionally disagreeing with many Republicans on some issues.

    I do not know much about Rigell (who contributed to Obama’s campaign), but such a nominee could make the race fun to watch.

  • ConservativeOne

    Dick Maddox is not running and wouldn’t receive any support if he did

    Scott Rigell donated $1,000 to Obama in the primary as an Anti-Hilary check, and has donated over $350,000 to Republican candidates, including John McCain in the general, with no money to Obama in the general.

    There’s also a retired general or admiral in Hampton who’s expressed interest in running, Ed something

  • Lee Talley

    Last thing we need in Washington is another car salesman… even if he is a Republican!

  • Gene LaMont

    Rigel Scott? The car salesman in a checker sports jacket? I’d rather have a laywer or a snake oil salesman.


  • OK, my support for Rigel has been torpedoed. I guess that due therefor I am going to have to continue with my support for Glenn Nye.

    Glenn Nye has done more for veterans in six months then Thelma did in six years.

    And Glenn Nye does not support efforts to torpedo the American Way, that which I describe as a progressive tax system. I hope those of you who support the Fair Tax choke and cough on the defeat of any politician who supports your un-American tax proposals.

  • I’m tired of my taxes progressing.

  • I am not saying your taxes should progress, unless your taxes would increase if they were returned to what Ronald Reagan approved.

    To pay for the stimulus, everyone’s taxes are going to have to go up. I would certainly hope that Paris Hilton’s taxes go up more then mine. She has more then enough, while I am barely getting by.

    I will admit that the genuinely poor would say I have more then enough as it is. Which is why I am in favor of a progressive tax code. I am expected to pay my part and those who really can afford it (like Paris Hilton) are expected to pay even more. I describe this as being the American way and will describe anyone who objcects as being greedy.

    Does anyone notice that the newly rich such as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are more willing to share their wealth then all the rich kids that were born into the wealth? I think these individuals argue most strongly in favor of why I describe the estate tax (death tax) as being the most beautiful of taxes imposed on our society.

  • tx2vadem


    The $787 billion stimulus is not really the biggest deal. The thing that will most certainly either raise taxes or cut discretionary spending is Medicare (Medicaid too, but Medicare is the real beast). And depending upon the outcome of the great health care bill of ’09, that may further dig the mandatory spending hole. Oh but I forget that taxes will automatically rise when the Bush taxes sunset in 2011. I think it is 2011, because if you die that year then you will pay no estate tax per the phase-out, then it immediately goes up to the pre-phase out rates next year.

    On your Creigh point above, what issue is “very dear to their hearts Creigh’s support of their position is very tepid”?

  • David, I wish you spent at least as much time finding spending to cut as you spend finding taxes to raise.

  • tx2vadem,

    That issue would be environmental issues. Creigh supports offshore drilling under acceptable circumstances.


    I wish that Republicans got around to support cutting spending after we voted them into power as they promised when they were only running for election. Borrow and spend is worse then tax and spend.

  • tx2vadem


    To your post, voting against all of these things doesn’t mean he’s a bad Democrat. It may mean he is a thoughtful legislator though. The stimulus bill was a mess, and maybe he ended up voting for it because something was better than nothing and Lord knows the states’ needed the help to balance their budgets. The ACES bill is a mess too. And maybe he voted against Obama’s budget because he desires greater fiscal responsibility. So, that doesn’t diminish my support for Rep. Nye. Though that may not mean a lot since I don’t live in his district. =)


    I am a Democrat, and I support lifting the moratorium on offshore drilling all together. So, Creigh’s not running afoul of me. But then I grant that I don’t represent any other Democrat besides myself.

  • TX, I agree that opposing Democrat initiatives is “thoughtful.”

    I’ve been thoughtful all my life.

    David, pointing your finger at others who share your faults doesn’t absolve you from them.

  • tx2vadem

    Brian, you’re hilarious! Can I see your stand up next time I am in Virginia Beach?

  • Voting conservatively will not hurt Nye at all. Perhaps elsewhere it might hurt, but not in this conservative district that was continually won by Conservative Democrat, Owen Pickett. Owen has been losing a little “street cred” with some of his endorsements of true “Leftys”.

    Nye had better keep it up if he wants a chance. If the election was right now, Obama’s growing negatives with conservatives would energize any kind of GOP campaign. Protecting the millitary and refusing to carry water for the President(my biggest peeve with Thelma) would serve him well. Too bad Nye had his head up the behind of Charlie Rangel and voted to keep Rangel in his position of power. That REALLY turned me off.

    I used to be a fan of Chuck Smith. I still will likely vote for him. However, I still remember his last minute betrayal at the execution of former RPV Chair Jeff Frederick. Not everyone will buy his story as to why he changed sides and refusal to discuss the evidence heard at the vote that supposedly changed his mind. It takes the wind out of the sails as a supporter.

    Seriously though, one way Chuck could help win a more energetic support from me is to upset LittleDavid and enthusiastically endorse the Fair Tax.

    “I wish that Republicans got around to support cutting spending after we voted them into power as they promised when they were only running for election.” – Little David

    David, I couldn’t agree more. You’re scaring me now. You’re wrong about Fair Tax, and the idiotic government necrophila “Death Tax”, but painfully accurate about recent pretend conservatives.

    Death tax? Government needs incentive for us to die? Quick! Nationalize health care!!!! Say good-bye to your elderly loved ones. At least they’ll stop using social security/medicare and pay their taxes on top of it.

    Yes, the Democrats will balance the budget by being Pro-Death.

  • tx2vadem

    Britt, you gotta dance with thems that brung ya.

  • What do you mean by that Tex? Who brought who to the dance? What constitutes not dancing with them.

  • tx2vadem

    Britt, you being upset about Nye’s voting on committee chairmen is what that was in reference to.

  • Britt Howard,

    Well we do not live in the same Congressional District. You vote for the nominee in favor of the Fair Tax in your district and I will vote against the nominee in favor of it in mine.

    We can square off when it comes to our Senators. Hopefully we can keep it civil and we will not have to take it outside into the parking lot.

  • Mallory Rigell Andrews

    Mr. Talley and Mr. LaMont,

    I’d like to address your comments about my father, Scott Rigell. As fellow Republicans, I’d like to think we have the party’s best interest at heart in our dialogue. I was disappointed to read your derogatory comments about my father’s profession. I have watched my father and mother build Freedom Automotive from the beginning with hard work and the utmost integrity. It is a now a great privilege for me to stand by my father as he runs for congress, knowing he has conducted his life in such an honorable manner.

    I disagree with you that the last thing we need in Washington is more car dealers. As a businessman, my father knows how to keep a company budget balanced. His business experience is just what we need to get our national budget under control.

    We may not agree on the best candidate for this race. However I certainly hope that we can be united in wanting the best for our party and our nation. We need less disrespectful bantering within our party and more productive dialogue.

    ConservativeOne, thank you for posting the truth:
    “Scott Rigell donated $1,000 to Obama in the primary as an Anti-Hilary check, and has donated over $350,000 to Republican candidates, including John McCain in the general, with no money to Obama in the general.”

    Anyone who knows my father knows he is a proven conservative. I appreciate you speaking up.

  • Little David, was that “parking lot” comment a threat? Do feel free to elaborate.

    Little David, you frequently bash the Fair Tax on here. I see it as part of the answer to many of our problems. My disagreeing with your view of Fair Tax here hardly seems uncivil to me. I didn’t call you names, I merely gave a differing opinion.

    Perhaps the biting reality that the death tax gives the government incentive for people to die, struck a nerve? Maybe that huge nationalization of health care exacerbates that incentive and gives you troubles? Afraid Republicans will pick up on the Pro-Death theme and scare voters with it? I see a picture of a small child saying, “But I don’t want Grandpa to die!”

    The fact is, you put out your opinion about these issues and congressional representatives that come from my district and not yours. I responded. If you wish to further comment on my district, I have no problem with that. I just might reply again. It is more entertaining with an available opposing view. There are some things we agree on anyway.

    If something I said was taken personally, that was not intended. My intent is to debate and open some eyes, not hurt people. There is more to each of us beyond politics. If I disagree with you, I don’t necessarily find you disagreeable personally. I take the Libertarian vow not to use force to achieve political ends, to heart. You won’t find me taking things to a “parking lot”. I do however, believe in the fundamental right to self-defense and additionally to have the “rule of law” run its course afterward.

    Tex, thanks for the clarification. I do have a concern about all that “dancing” with the ethically challenged. It rubs off on you. That is how corruption surives to future generations. If a junior Republican was “dancing” with a corresponding Republican party boss on the verge of being booted over ethical issues, would your logic still excuse the junior’s behavior?

    Nye did what he did. Maybe he made a “mistake”. If he intends to win again, he still has some work to do. That dancing came with a price. Nye also faces the fact that Obama is running us towards socialism. Independents will see additonal GOP victories as a counter to that. I’m not saying Nye is toast. I’m just saying there are interesting obstacles for him to overcome if he wants to be the next Owen Pickett here in the 2nd. So, far he’s taking the right direction.

  • Let me say this about Scott Rigell, I don’t know enough about him, but being connected to a Ford dealership is a plus in my book. Ford didn’t take government bailouts. Coincidence sure, but it sounds great to me. Just like the word “Freedom” does. Ford’s numbers have supposedly benefitted by a fed up public opposed to socializing everything. In a beat up economy, that’s saying something.

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind having a car dealer in Stolle’s seat either. Maybe that would help fight off future attempts at making something stupid like the HRTA. Perhaps it might bode well for drilling off shore. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have one representing us in Washington though.

  • Britt Howard,

    No I was talking about verbal fisticuffs (debate), not physical fisticuffs. I was not threatening you with physical violence, only strong points in debate if you are in favor of the Fair Tax.

    I am one who is reluctant to engage in physical violence to prove my point. Might does not make right. However I will admit that on rare occasions, very rare occasions, I did get involved in physical confrontations during my nearly 21 years in the Navy while on liberty. I hope that you will understand that sailors engaged in liberty calls often pull up to the less then stellar parts of a city and sometimes physical confrontations can not be avoided.

    However I’ll throw the first punch in the debate. I estimate my taxes would go up by about $5,000 a year under the Fair Tax. My extra taxes would go towards giving the likes of Paris Hilton a tax cut.

  • Good enough.

    I’ll have to break out my Fair Tax books and talk to some Fair Taxers. Its been a while since last talking about the intricacies of our current mess in comparison to Fair Tax legislation.

    I’m not sure about your tax situation. There surely must be some group of people that pay fewer taxes than most. Maybe your profession and whether or not you own the rig? I take it you figured out how much you currently pay per year and somehow estimated by some method what would get you under Fair Tax? Where does 5k come from?

    You get a prebate equal to the poverty rate, pay zero income tax, and pay a consumption tax on purchases. Like Paris Hilton, you must be a big spender? If you have read of her allowances, you know she spends like Bush and Obama. Trust me, she’ll pay more in the long run. As will Trust Fund Kids that don’t work at all(sometimes Paris does film work). They spend, they pay taxes. So will drug lords, prostitutes where it is still illegal, and illegal immigrants. There are also enhanced benefits for companies in the US providing us jobs. Those that think companies pay taxes and just suck up the losses rather than just passing it on to the consumer are mistaken.

    Heaven forbid an illegal immigrant would have to pay taxes in the country he gets free medical care from. It would also take away some of the arguement to deport everybody and shut down the border if they at least some/most/all paid their way.

    All you have to do to not pay (Federal) taxes under Fair Tax would be to not purchase anything retail. Go to garage sales, grow a garden, have a few animals, chickens, maybe goats. Etc. Unrealistic for someone continually driving, I know.

    I’d be happy to debate it. Even if on another post. I’m for Fair Tax, but if big enough holes were pointed out, I’d look for something better. The variables in tax codes are numerous. I don’t discount the possiblity that something was missed or not addressed by the legislation offered.

  • LittleDavid obviously didn’t read the book on the “Fair Tax” proposal. It is the only tax system that promotes savings and protects the middle class. Millions of dollars in studies have been done on it and by Nobel Prize winning economists who all have backed the approach. Keeping all of one’s income by scrapping the income tax in favor of a tax that is based on consumption makes sense. Nobody could cheat on their taxes and the the threat of IRS audits would disappear. Filing your tax forms would take minutes not hours or days. There would be no taxes for people under the poverty line. The rich, who spend more because they have more to spend would pay more automatically…anyone buying anything will pay. Everyone paying the tax (on consumption greater than the poverty line levels)will have a stake in the economy and in the country because they pay in via the the Fair Tax. What could be more fair??

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