Is Palin eyeing the Senate?

I think so. Resigning as Governor in 2009 for a Presidential contest in 2012 didn’t make much sense to anyone. Resigning to run in a 2010 primary? Not so crazy.

Everyone had the White House and 2012 in their sights when Sarah Palin surprisingly announced her resignation days ago, but I guess they didn’t look at Palin’s record.

Sarah Palin became Governor through a primary challenge of a sitting GOP Governor, Frank Murkowski, who appointed his daughter, Lisa Murkowski to his US Senate seat when he became Governor, before winning election outright in 2004.

And I think there’s another primary against a Murkowski in Palin’s future.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski must think so, too, since she’s already launching attacks on Palin.

“I am deeply disappointed that the Governor has decided to abandon the State and her constituents before her term has concluded,” Murkowski wrote. (Huffington Post)

Why launch an attack on the most popular Republican in Alaska, and perhaps America, who is likely to be campaigning and fundraising gold, who has publicly said she’d support you, unless you anticipate a primary faceoff soon.

Murkowski is pro-abortion, favored filibustering conservative judges, supports government health care, and has been fending off Palin challenge rumors for months in Alaska.

I think Palin, free of the Governor’s title, can blast out a book, go on a speaking tour, raise a bucket of cash in literally a few months. She then can launch her bid for a national spotlight from the US Senate, whether she’s thinking about 2012, 2016 or 2020. And she could start it the same way she became Governor.

A primary against a Murkowski.