BREAKING: Perriello votes to bring detainees to Virginia!

Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA05) has just cast the deciding vote to bring Guantanamo Bay detainees to Virginia. According to a Capitol Hill source:

Rep. Perriello just voted with Speaker Pelosi on an amendment to allow for funds to close Guantanamo Bay facility and move those detainees to Virginia. Perriello voted against an amendment, offered by Rep. Lewis of California, that would have prohibited the closure – the amendment failed 212-213 with Mr. Perriello casting the deciding vote.

Joining Perriello from Virginia were Reps. Boucher, Connolly, Moran, and Scott. Two Republicans, Tim Johnson of Illinois and Ron Paul of Texas, voted with the majority as well.

  • kelley in virginia

    i live in Lunenburg County, solidly in the 5th district. I hope this is the death knell to Perriello’s tenure in Congress.

    perhaps he could just ask the “detainees”, TERRORISTS, to live with him.

    stupid vote.

  • GOP4Ever

    He is TOAST! Hooray!

  • Steve Vaughan

    Anyone worried about the Gitmo detainees coming to Virginia should take a look at the inmates we take, for money, from Conn. Serial rapists, multiple offense child molesters, mutlitple murderers. The worst scum on earth. They are all far more dangerous than the Gitmo prisoners, most of whom are not trained terrorist, but merely soldiers on the other side of the war. This is a totally bogus issue.

  • John

    Didn’t Republican Ron Paul cast the deciding vote? Or was it Republican Tim Johnson of Illinois? Or Rick Boucher? Or Gerry Connolly? Or Bobby Scott? Or what about Michelle Backmann and Jean Schmidt who didn’t vote?

    And really, do you think closing Gitmo means that these prisoners (who never got a trial, and some of whom were teenagers who’s “ties to al-Qaeda” have never been proved) will be living in houses next door to people in Fairfax or Charlottesville? No. They’ll be in prison, secured. When Tim McVeigh was held in Colorado (and where the Unabomber is now) didn’t hear people worrying about Coloradoans safety.

  • Samuel Gilleran

    I feel like we just went to Staples and pressed the Easy Button. The ads will write themselves. I’m truly in shock. Truly.

  • I second what Steve Vaughan said about this. I would add that we regularly get sent 100’s of unregistered immigrants in prisons all over Virginia, including here in Farmville.

    If they are as dangerous as some have tried to make them out to be, that would be where you should get mad.

    Private companies getting rich off doing the state’s job in incarceration. Luckily, the Federal Jail in Alexandria is up to the task.

    I second John’s comments as well.

  • Jessica Preusser

    Several of the commenters here are missing the point about Gitmo. It is not just that they will be brought here, it is that when they are brought here they will be granted the rights of American citizens (which they are not) and then let go by some judge to roam around our streets and start new terrorist cells, because you know dang well that the fed will not be making sure they get sent back to wherever they came from. Which btw none of them want, because those people actually DO torture them.

  • aaron

    They are not american citizens and just like the nazis under fdr are not entitled to any rights.

    Another problem which arises is the fact that prisons are a vast recruiting tool for gangs and other terrorist organizations. Why would we allow these terrorists the slightest chance to expand their power base, especially in va?

    Also, who cares how other people, outside of va voted, this isn’t their state.

    Bring back virgil, this time without tucker as his campaign manager!

  • Bill Stanley

    Run Virgil Run! We must take the 5th District Back! It was only a matter of time before Perriello had to pay his dues to Pelosi and walk in lock-step with those in Congress who care so very little for the welfare of our country. Good riddance Tom, we hardly knew ye……

  • Closing Gitmo is the right vote and I’m proud that Dr. Paul continued his streak of independence on this vote. Perriello may have been voting with Pelosi, but he’s shown his one streak of independence. He’s the only Virginia Democrat to cosponsor the Audit the Fed bill. He also voted against Obama’s reckless spending budget.

  • William Bailey

    Have we gone soft on crime? I’m not. Bring them on!!!

    Hello: Virginia is a Law & Order State!!! Bring them in and we’ll lock them up! Do you all remember Virginia getting hit on 911? I’m dam proud to lock them up forever in my state.

    What happened to the rest of you Law & Order folks? Is it Politics…or just afraid?

  • This isn’t exactly just an open and shut case. There is something to be said that bringing the prisoners to Virginia would actually be a better way to try and convict them right

    If you look at those who bombed the twin towers in 1993, the U.S. went into Pakistan, arrested the individuals, and then brought them here and tried and convicted them. They are now in federal prisons for life.

    Now THAT is what we should be doing, convicting terrorists and punishing them for their actions. They are not sitting on the street corners in our community when we walk our dogs.

    So there is much more to it than what a lot of republican talking heads in the media are saying. Maybe the Republicans establishment is partially wrong on this and maybe Congressman Paul and Tim Johnson have their faults. But there is significantly more to it than what we occasionally see on Foxnews.

  • Jessica Preusser

    I have long disagreed with Dr. Paul’s view on the current issue, I believe that he fails to see the big picture, that there is an ideological battle going on here that will not be stopped by “leaving them alone.” Also, if anyone cares to remember, the “police action” response to the 1993 bombing led to several more bombings (Embassies and the Cole) as well as attempted bombings (Millenium) during the remainder of Clinton’s term. This is a war NOT a criminal probe, therefore it cannot be handled like regular criminals would.

  • Tucker Watkins

    Tom has shown who he owes his loyalty to and its not the voters in the 5th district.

    Every person here should call his office and every talk show in the morning and remind them what type of person was elected.

    I hope every citizen will write a letter to their local newspaper and ask why he did this. There is only one reason. He had to vote in lockstep. Virgil always voted his conscience but not Perriello.

  • Tucker Watkins

    Mr. Vaughn,

    There is not a single soldier being held at Gitmo. Not one. You dishonor our soldiers by attaching that title to terrorists

  • William Bailey,

    This is not a Law Enforcement issue. This is a war and these prisoners are jihadists captured on a foreign battlefield. They are not entitled to constitutional rights under the law.

    You also know, as well as I, that forensic evidence is not collected on the battlefield. If these men are tried in court, it is possible that they will get off on a technicality. Try and imagine for a moment an Al-Quaeda trained jihadi hitting random targets in Arlington. Then traveling south to hit targets like Charlottesville or Danville. We saw that this is possible with the D.C. snipers a few years ago. Tom Perriello has put his constituancy in danger needlessly. While he swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, which means protecting the people from foreign enemies.

  • William Bailey

    Steven: I took that same oath and I support the Constitution. The oath reads to defend America against all enemies foreign and domestic. Tom Perriello hasn’t endangered anyone needlessly. He is willing to hold these criminals accountable in Virginia and that is supporting the oath he took.
    BTW: I don’t know where you got that view but this is still America. In America, everyone has a right to a fair trial. We can’t kill everyone in the world who is guilty of a crime without a fair trial. Bringing them to Virginia, trying them and (if found guilty) locking them up or executing them IS a Law Enforcement issue. In every war, there are war crimes and in the end, most are punished for their crimes. Some are returned to their country of origin when there hasn’t been enough evidence to convict them. Just part of the history of war…
    If these folks get off on a technicality, we’ll find them again and try again. They will not stop and we will not stop hunting them down. But America has always been the one honest, fair and bright beacon for the rest of the world to envy or attack as their ideals deem necessary. Once we lose those ideals, we are no better than the third world nations we look down on. Bring those prisoners to Virginia and we’ll do what needs to be done to punish them for their crimes.

    Just my opinion…

  • Talk about an absurd argument. The possibility of these terrorists coming to the US and getting a trial (Not happening!) and getting off on a technicality (No way!) is as likely as the current crop of Republican leadership being truthful when they say they want to control spending. We need new leadership in the GOP in Congress.

  • Tucker,

    Please tell Virgil to run again. While I do not disagree with Perriello on the issue of Gitmo, I always appreciated Virgil’s independence and willingness to stand up to our own party’s leadership when they are wrong. We cannot win back the 5th District with just another Republican robot who will be seen as a party loyalist. We need someone who has shown independence and bucks the party on trade and immigration.

  • William Bailey,

    Did Nazi prisoners have access to U.S. courts? The argument that these jihadists are somehow criminals is ridiculous. We have never given captured enemy combatants constitutional rights. You say that if these men get off on a technicality then we will catch them again, who’s to say that our incompetant federal government will even try? Do we have asurances?

    What about the danger of jihadists coming to Virginia to break out their jihadi leaders? Arlington is not excactly as strategically located as Guantanamo Bay.

  • Please keep talking and writing, Mr. Bailey. In fact, get louder. Bring all your Democratic candidates along with you. Together, mount a large campaign to bring GITMO terrorists to Virginia.


  • I feel like I’m out of the loop on this. Do we really lack confidence in our prison system to hold terrorists here in Virginia?

    This seems like fear-mongering to me.

  • Joel,

    The point is, that we should not give these jihadists the same rights as American criminals. The tribunal system is the system that has been used in times past.

    There are also practical concerns. If you think that traffic in NOVA is bad now, just wait until they have to close a city block in order to move the jihadi from his cell to the courthouse, two or three times a week.

  • kelley in virginia

    steven: you hit the nail on the head with the traffic issue. the prison will be “ringed” with more protective (protecting itself from outside terrorists) barriers. depending on the prisoner(s) held there, there could be flyovers from jets, too.

    these terrorists do not have rights.

    if perreillo wants to bring them to the US, he might as well turn them loose in Alaska, where wolf hunting from aircraft is permitted.

  • kelley in virginia

    and whoever said perriello has bucked the dems voting for spending isssues? he voted for the GIVE act, when funded, pored $5.7 billion to 250,000 “volunteers”. some of thse volunteers are with Americorps & ACORN.

  • Clearly not everyone is operating with the same set of “facts”!

    Some seem to think that there is no chance that some of the detainees will be released into the general population here in Virginia. Others have heard the same sources I have ,saying that this is a possibility and that other nations are also being asked to take in these former prisoners. From what I thought I heard/read, some would not be released but, imprisoned as William Bailey talks about.

    Let’s just say that if there is ANY chance that former GITMO detainees will be allowed to immigrate under ANY policy domestic or international, the responsible elected officials should be driven out of the state by crowds wielding torches and pitchforks!!! Deport them before you release them. Take them back home………THEIR home.

    Now, if there is no chance of that……….if we’re JUST talking about imprisoning them, I’d be guilty of the NIMBY mentality. However, I wouldn’t be as enraged at blatant irresponsible actions on the part of our representatives.

    Offering these detainees a place in America is NOT our responsibility. Putting these people on our streets is not serving the constituents well at all.

    Hey, I have a LOT of respect for both Ron Paul and George Fitch, but letting these detainees live here among the public is beyond the pale. Let’s not cut off our collective noses to spite our faces.

    So, as the only ones to hold our elected officials in check, I guess “we the people” need to found out what the truth is, and who is telling it.

  • didn’t Virginia house Zacarias Moussaoui (aka 20th 9/11 hijacker)? I wasn’t worried then and I’m not worried now. Gitmo is an embarrassing chapter in our “Global War on Terrorism” and we need to either release these prisoners to their home countries or start acting like real Americans and practice habeas corpus

  • Keep them at GITMO. Try them at GITMO under a military tribunal….quickly. If found innocent, send them home. If found guilty, bring them to justice.

    I don’t feel “worried” that prisoners will be held here, other than the fact that it’s unnecessary, a potential hassle, and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

    When did American’s grow so spineless?

  • I just left this comment over at AIAW and felt it was worth sharing due to the abject weirdness the left is starting to exhibit on this issue:

    This has nothing to do with prison guards or their ability to keep us safe.

    It has everything to do with wasting taxpayer money when we have a perfectly good facility at GITMO already doing the job.

    It has everything to do with creating unnecessary demands on our local populations when we have to move the prisoner to the courthouse.

    It has everything to do with granting U.S. rights to people sworn to undermine the U.S. system of governance and law and order.

    It has everything to do with putting these prisoners in general population, allowing them to sew their seeds of hatred amongst U.S. inmates.

    It has everything to do with the POTENTIAL of making the area surrounding the prison a target for outside terrorist groups and extremists.

    Spare me your hyperbole.

    Besides, my source said Perriello was arm-twisted into this vote and he was one of the last, if not the last one, to cast his ballot…literally being the one.

    Additionally, Virginia is at the head of the line when it comes to prisoner moves for the very reason you mention – we have top-notch military brigs and state prisons.

  • “”We are not going to release anyone if it would endanger our national security, nor will we release detainees within the United States who endanger the American people,” he said.” – President Obama
    Quote taken from the Miami Herald online date: 5/21/09

    Nor will we release detainees within the United States who endanger the American people? Does that mean he plans to release those he deems not to be dangerous within the US? UNACCEPTABLE if that is true!!

    Gitmo is not the issue. Imprisoning terrorists on US soil, while not a wlecome notion for the taxpayer, is not the issue either. Releasing ANY of them in our communities …… the issue.

    Amit, your opinion of GITMO and the wars aside, do you approve of allowing any of them to live next door to you? Am I right in thinking that you’re not in favor of that?

    Being upset with GITMO or any mishandling of wars does not restrict you from opposing citizenship for prisoners taken from a war.

    Do a little googling and you see quotes like:

    ( – Shortly after his release from Guantanamo Bay prison in 2004, Mohammed Ismail was quoted as saying, “They gave me a good time in Cuba. They were very nice to me, giving me English lessons.”

    Ismail was repatriated to Afghanistan but recaptured in May 2004 for participating in an attack against U.S forces in Kandahar. He was carrying a letter confirming his membership with the Taliban.

    If you google, you’ll also see people comparing the 1 in 7 recitivism rate to our much higher rate among US criminals. Just another example of comparing apples to oranges. The aren’t US citizens and they aren’t just criminals. When US criminals serve their time they are released in the same country they were from. If we captured prisoners in Pakistan, send them back to Pakistan. Where they go from there is their business.

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  • Britt, of course I do not want them living in the apartment next to me. they didn’t want to come here, they didn’t apply for a visa or a job or even a passport. if our government is so incompetent that they cannot bring charges on someone they have detained for 7 years then they should return them to their home countries.

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  • It’s so funny. The Dem bloggers are simultaneously arguing that the amendment didn’t bring the GITMO detainees to our prisons AND that our prison guards are up to the task of housing them.

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