McAuliffe trying to “sign” his way to the nomination?

As I drove through my sub-division the other day, I saw a rather, shall we say, interesting sight – a whole slew of McAuliffe signs about 20 feet apart along the median.

Kinda reminded me of this from our last Shad Plank in Wakefield:

Sure, there were McDonnell signs…but that’s to be expected from an unopposed candidate trying to boost name recognition. Most importantly, it wasn’t EXCESSIVE.

Is excessive what we are to expect from a Candidate McAuliffe?

  • Yes.

  • Simply amazing. We have just kicked off the excitement here in Ohio… Our election is in 2010… John Kasich just announced!

    I am hoping to get one sign for my lawn… this many is just desperate looking. Enviromentally friendly liberal, eh?

    The Nation is watching VA… It could start a trend of GOP victories!

  • Eventually I would think you would hit the point of diminishing returns where too many signs would start turning off voters.

  • looks like one volunteer doesn’t quite get it

  • Don

    Also getting lots of calls from McAuliffe. No calls from Deeds or Moran. Is McAuliffe trying to get Republicans to vote in the Democrat primary?

  • at an intersection today in PWC it looked like the whole McAuliffe machine crapped a ton of signs, McAulliffe is good at wasting money.

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