Bob McDonnell launches real energy strategy

Bob McDonnell launched his comprehensive energy strategy today on the campus of Old Dominion University, where one of McDonnell’s daughters graduated, focused on creating a Green Dominion for energy independence and economic growth.
“Make Virginia the energy capital of America,” a bold statement since 48 states import less electricity than Virginia. Only California is less self-sufficient than Virginia is and that simply adds cost upon cost to Virginia homeowners.

“The last thing we want is to have brownouts like California or 50-75% rate increases like Maryland all tied to a shortage of production capacity,” which McDonnell says is the risk we run if we continue to rank 49th out of 50 states in energy self-sufficiency.

This includes using offshore energy resources 50 miles off shore, as well as nuclear and clean coal. McDonnell also supports further research and implementation into wind, solar and biomass.

McDonnell didn’t specifically address it, but somehow I think there’s more energy potential in offshore exploration, nuclear, solar and wind than there is in Terry McAuliffe’s plan to make chicken droppings the fuel of the future.

McDonnell favors an expedited permitting and approval process for new energy sources, and creating “a Green Dominion” through tax credits for creating green jobs. Energy development means jobs, and McDonnell has laid out a comprehensive plan, as opposed to the “one alternative only “approach” of the Democrats.

McDonnell was introduced by Sen. Frank Wagner, who touted McDonnell’s goal to “make Virginia a leader in research and development.”

This is about “Putting people back to work for Virginia energy for Virginia industry and Virginia homeowners,” said Wagner.mcdwagner-wince