Ford commercial

Somehow I missed this ad in 2005, but as the only car company in America to not take a bailout, they still prove they’re true to this American dream:

  • Kat

    Ford hasn’t taken bailout money??? COOL! We’re a 2 Ford family, and I adore my ’03 Explorer, so this is good to hear…

    And a lovely, wonderful video! I really like it when companies do things like this to show their appreciation and respect for the men and women who serve our country so well – of course, I like it even better when I know that company also walks the walk along with the talk 😉

  • Actually I look at that piece as attempting to appeal to father’s wants to bond with their first born son after they are grown.

    After observing what happened in my father’s family and in my own, first born sons have a particularly hard time growing up. The male children born later learn from the interactions they witness with the interaction of the first.

    What better way to heal old wounds then to buy them a Mustang? Yeah, like we can all afford that kind of splurge. But they served in Iraq and they deserve it! Yeah, like we can afford it. A pat on the back and a long hug is a whole lot cheaper.

    Instead of a Mustang, the wise father promises to help them with college education (if they can afford it).

  • Mark

    Go Ford! Always the best of the 3 – great quality and a great company – and I love my Ford Escape.

  • Steven Latimer

    What a heart-warming commercial. Seemed like a soap opera at times, though.

  • I come from a Ford tradition. My father was a Ford Mechanic, and he is the first to say with pride that both of his daughters drive Ford vehicles (both Focuses). With Ford’s decision not to accept the bailout, I will continue to patronize them.

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