McDonnell attack-site can’t find attackers

Apparently Democratic operatives from “Common Sense Virginia” are having a difficult time finding Virginians who want to issue negative attacks against Bob McDonnell for their web site. The site, which is sponsored by the Democratic governor’s association, has been trolling outside Virginia employment offices for workers in hopes of finding one or two that will criticize the Republican candidate.

First, there’s this report from Bristol Herald-Courier:

“The reception to a campaign critical of Virginia GOP gubernatorial hopeful Bob McDonnell was as chilly Wednesday as the weather outside the Virginia Employment Commission office.”

“Of about a dozen people the pair approached outside the local unemployment office, only one man agreed to speak on camera – and that occurred after the Bristol Herald Courier left.

Cohen e-mailed the newspaper a copy of the audio from the man’s interview, but the file wouldn’t play.”

Then, another report from the Lynchburg News & Advance:

“Two young men with Democratic links who are visiting Virginia’s employment offices made Lynchburg their fifth stop Wednesday for planting questions about Republican Bob McDonnell’s gubernatorial campaign.”

“They tried to get people to talk on video about McDonnell’s stand on unemployment benefits.

First, they had to explain McDonnell’s position to nearly everyone.”

“Cohen previously worked for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Washington. Vice was a regional field director in the Hillary Clinton for President campaign.”

“Cohen and Vice were telling people in Lynchburg that McDonnell’s position amounted to a refusal to expand unemployment benefits.

Actually, the General Assembly did accept some of the federal stimulus package for unemployment and added a few weeks of eligibility for many laid-off workers.”

Looks like that national Democratic and union dollars are going to good use! (Actually, if I were a union worker, I’d be pretty ticked my union-dues were being wasted like this…I mean, at least when the union bosses are staying at resorts, you know somebody is getting something out of the deal.)