Pac Man Nye

Nearly half of the money raised by newly-minted Congressman Glenn Nye has come from Political Action Committees, according to the Virginian-Pilot.

Three months into office, and already sending out full-color taxpayer funded “information” pieces that look like campaign mail, something that generated SCREAMS from the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself), and he’s swimming in special-interest fundraising.

The press calls someone kowtowing to special interests for money in the first months in office as “gearing up for a tough re-election battle,” which I think almost qualifies the article as an in-kind contribution. Take note, Nye Treasurer.

Our “hope and change” Congressman went to Washington, and while people back home are struggling making ends meet, he’s collecting the big PAC checks.

But he’s working hard for us, right? He better be. On tax day, I just paid for him to send me more mail telling me so.

  • I am seeing Tom Perriello doing the same thing here in the 5th District.

    Using taxpayer money to pay for your campaign is not good, no matter who does it.

  • I guess Thelma Drake did not take advantage of taxpayer funded mailings now did she?

    Did you complain then?

  • Did you?

    I don’t think the point of the post is taxpayer-funded mailiers…it’s the hypocrisy exhibited by Democrats and the press.

  • JR is right, again. It would be novel for Democrats/Press to hold their own Nye Guy to the same standards they whimpered about when Republicans held the seat.

  • J.R.,

    No I did not complain about Thelma Drake sending the mailers. I believe I did note how I only seemed to get them as election day drew near. I also remember complaining that although I had on more then one occasion attempted to sign up for her email newsletter but never received it.

    But then I realized that this was because she did not get around to actually doing the newsletter until, you guessed it, a few months before the election. As election day drew near, then they started showing up in my in box.

    While you might think taxpayer funded mailers is not the point of Brian’s piece, the mailers was a big part of his making that point. Let me quote:

    “Three months into office, and already sending out full-color taxpayer funded “information” pieces that look like campaign mail…”

    Such an action by Glenn Nye wins praise from me. Attempting to keep me and my fellows citizens informed about what is going on early and hopefully often instead of waiting with doing so until election day draws near.

    Now if we can get him to do the email newsletters. The mailers come in while I am on the road and end up in the trash without me seeing them. I prefer the email newsletters because I actually get to see them. But I will give him some time to get his act together before I start complaining about the lack of them. It takes some time to get a first class operation going when you are just starting off.

  • I hope you like them. You paid for them, with interest.

  • Brian,

    I paid for them, with interest, when Thelma was sending them out as well.

    Did you object when Thelma’s fliers showed up in your mailbox or do you only object when the flier comes from a Democrat?

  • I didn’t set the complaint precedent. Democrats did.

    Man, LD. You used to be such a good debater. Now it’s like playing tennis with the net down.

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